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TrevorHi! I’m Trevor and I am a technology aficionado (geek), gamer, artist and maker. I enjoy a variety of interests including playing video games, video game design, sketching, working with computers, learning and creating things with technology and solving problems with whatever tools are available.

So how do my interests provide useful information to you? I write tutorials, how to’s, and review products. I work not only in technology, but anything around the house, or that I find is useful/important.

Allyson and I cofounded NautilusMODE in May 2014 as we feel we have useful ideas, problem solving abilities and thoughts to share with you and the rest of the world. We hope that our life experience and way of doing things can help your everyday life or at least give you new ideas on how to approach life.

So how did we get to the point were we thought we had something useful to share? You can read Allyson’s about page to get her side of the story. As for me I have always found myself having a very particular set of interests and skills. These being I love to learn and share my knowledge, as well as become as proficient or knowledgeable about whatever I learn. Yes, that makes me the geek in my circle of friends, but I really do enjoy learning. I also tend to enjoy rarer hobbies such as programming, sketching and working on computers.

These traits actually date back to when I was a child. The defining moment being when my brother and I received a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) for Christmas when I was four years old. I recall being fascinated that, with a control pad, I could control what happened on the TV screen. This started my passion of videogames and eventually programming. I was introduced to computers in school, but did not have one at home until my brother brought home a discarded working Apple IIe. We used this for word processing and Oregon Trail until we got our first modern PC when I was in 7th grade. This was a state-of-the-art Pentium IV with 512MB of RAM and a 32MB video card(Nvidia TNT2) running Windows XP. After my family set it up, I found myself spending hours exploring the system learning more than what I could gather from classroom use.

As I hit High School a new national TV network started airing locally, TechTV (which was merged into G4TechTV and then rebranded G4TV). This fueled my passion for technology by letting me learn about computers for hours on end with shows such as Call for Help and The Screen Savers which covered new technology and fixes for common computer problems. My interests broadened as other shows came in to play such as Invent This which showcased modern day inventors and some of their as seen on TV style products. The show which captured my mind the most was Icons which covered big companies and names in the video game industry.  By the end of High School I was proficient enough in technology to build my first PC from scratch.

As I continued through school I found myself enthralled with technology, but wanting to focus on the art side wishing to major in videogame design or digital art. After some reconsideration due to potential first jobs and where I was located, I followed my passion for general technology and received a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Web Development from Bloomsburg University. After college I became a professional within the technology field, performing multiple roles including application support, as well as doing development and automation work.

After a few years, the daily grind started to settle in and technology started to lose it’s luster for me. (Working with it in a routine manner for so long will do that to anybody, I feel.) I agreed to start NautilusMODE as a way to once again fuel my interest in technology that I was previously letting slip by. It was to be an outlet for not only my technology interests but the creativity that felt unfulfilled from my day job.

So what’s next? Well, that’s up to you. Our goal is to create an online community which embraces technology and new ways of thinking. Currently we can only service this as a hobby, but with time and enough support I would love to transform this into much more.  So, do you want to be a part?  If so please subscribe, comment on posts and let us know your thoughts!  We would love to write articles that you find most useful!

Thank you for taking the time to read about who I am and what I do. I look forward to posting articles that I hope you will enjoy!


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