Minimalism Won’t Make You Happy

Hey everyone! Today’s topic is something I didn’t know was a thing until a couple weeks ago. I was checking out content similar to ours on YouTube and found several videos promoting polarizing opinions by comparing Minimalism and Materialism and suggesting that one is superior than the other in the video titles. This absolutely frustrates me as, for starters, polarizing media disgusts me. The short of it is: no way of living is superior to the other, or will guarantee you happiness (SPOILER ALERT: we all have to do that for ourselves), but there is a way of living that is best suited to you and your personality. This, of course, means doing the research and throwing on that thinking cap to find a method of living that sounds best to you. Continue reading “Minimalism Won’t Make You Happy”

4 Things I’ve Learned from Blogging

I’ve been in a fairly reflective mood lately, I mean more so than usual. Typically Trevor and I reflect on our lives once a week to make sure we’re headed in the right path, but I’ve been doing more and more personal reflection to make sure I’m where I want to be. That aside, I’ve spent most of my time reflecting on this blog and wanted to share some of the lessons I’ve learned, now that I’ve personally been blogging for a total of 6 years. Continue reading “4 Things I’ve Learned from Blogging”

Discovering My Personal Preferences in Coping with Loss

This past week I lost a relative that I used to be close with. It’s been very difficult for me to express in words what sort of an impact the situation has had on me, but I’ve learned a few things and grown as a result of the experience. Continue reading “Discovering My Personal Preferences in Coping with Loss”

Delayed Gratification

A tool that we regularly use to keep our heads and our wallets in line, delayed gratification in an excellent resource for Minimalists and non-minimalists alike. Simple and easy to use, delayed gratification can be used in several ways to improve your life. Continue reading “Delayed Gratification”

Trevor: What Minimalism Means To Me

Minimalism can mean a lot of things to different people. Hi, I’m Trevor and this is what minimalism means to me. Continue reading “Trevor: What Minimalism Means To Me”

Allyson: What Minimalism Means to Me

There’s a lot that’s changed with Trevor and myself since we started this blog in 2014. One of the biggest changes has been the complete rejection of consumerism and changing over to a minimalist lifestyle. I’m Allyson, a 27-year-old that’s trying to experience as much of the world as possible, and I’m a minimalist. Here’s what minimalism means to me. Continue reading “Allyson: What Minimalism Means to Me”

Minimalism & Technology

Are minimalism and technology at odds? The answer is actually no. Or more precisely, only if you let them be.

Continue reading “Minimalism & Technology”

Philosophy: Removing Negativity

Breaking news, death destruction and mayhem, more at 11. Be sure to join the conversation with everyone else who is upset by these events in the news social media and comments.

Or don’t. Sometimes it’s best to strive to lessen our exposure to these things to live a happier life. Continue reading “Philosophy: Removing Negativity”