Embracing Minimalism: Sale Prep and Options, Part Six

You’ve cleared out all your junk, organized it into piles and taken care of the donations and trash. Now you’re left with a massive sell pile. Okay, maybe yours isn’t massive, but ours is! The pile we’ve constructed is almost completely all furniture. Where do you go from here? How do you sell it all? Keep reading, my friends. Continue reading “Embracing Minimalism: Sale Prep and Options, Part Six”

Embracing Minimalism: Moving

I’ve been looking at apartments off and on since 2013. We even almost bought a house then, which is a story for another time. It is safe to say I’ve never truly enjoyed this apartment. Two bedrooms, one bath, 700 square feet; the place has severe moisture issues, shared laundry and poor natural light. It is a design nightmare, as well as a blogger’s nightmare. Continue reading “Embracing Minimalism: Moving”

Embracing Minimalism: Criticism, Part Four

Any time you announce you’re downsizing someone has something to say. There might be a lot of praise, but there’s usually more negativity. Especially in America, due to rampantly out of control consumer culture and marketing brainwashing, the general consensus is that stuff should make you happier. Stuff should improve your life. Stuff holds memories. If you eliminate that stuff, you might regret it. Continue reading “Embracing Minimalism: Criticism, Part Four”

Embracing Minimalism: March 2015 Bedroom Progress

Since I’ve been going on about this topic for a bit, I thought I’d show you where we stand at the end of March. We have a two bedroom, one bath apartment that is 700 square feet. I’ve taken photos of the bedroom to share with you, as that’s where the most progress has taken place. Continue reading “Embracing Minimalism: March 2015 Bedroom Progress”

Embracing Minimalism: Downsizing, Part Three

The beginning of March, Trevor and I made the decision to try to live as lightly as possible and use Minimalism as our guide. You can read the previous posts in the series here; Part 1 and Part 2. In this post I am going to start talking about the biggest step in the entire process: the home-purge.

Continue reading “Embracing Minimalism: Downsizing, Part Three”

Embracing Minimalism: Do Your Research, Part Two

In my last post on minimalism I discussed how we came to understand we had too much stuff, things we didn’t need we thought we did, and furniture that wasn’t working for us (or wasn’t our style). Trevor and I want to live with less and embrace a minimalist lifestyle, not just the design philosophies. Continue reading “Embracing Minimalism: Do Your Research, Part Two”

Embracing Minimalism: Realization, Part One

I’m writing this in my iPad, in my bed, after three weeks of personal growth and realizations. Ultimately I’ve matured a lot in this time and have come to believe I understand what I need to do in order to “live the good life.”   Continue reading “Embracing Minimalism: Realization, Part One”