Online Back Up and Storage: Is Your Data Safe If Your Provider Is Breached?

The cloud is here and offers many services to back up your data. However although your connection to send the files should be secure, is your data secure once uploaded? Continue reading “Online Back Up and Storage: Is Your Data Safe If Your Provider Is Breached?”

Computers Enable Minimalism Right?

Everyone can be a minimalist in the the digital era right? You stream your movies or music, you can store all your copies of music, movies, photos, documents, mail, bills etc to a device smaller than your thumbnail. No more clutter and nothing eating up the precious space leaving everything clean and neat. However, this is only true for the physical world. Continue reading “Computers Enable Minimalism Right?”

Learn Computers Series: How To Avoid Online Scams

No the prince of Nigeria does not need your help to restore his crown. Bill Gates will not give you $300 for forwarding an email. And that cheap unknown name in online tech support asking you for complete control of your PC and install all sorts of software while telling you that you have hundreds of infections? They are lying. Continue reading “Learn Computers Series: How To Avoid Online Scams”