Creating a Better Workspace: Building the DIY Desk/Work Cart

Two months ago I posted an article on designing your own standing desk/work cart. It is finally completed and that means this is your guide to build one for yourself!

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Be Your Pet’s Voice: Recognizing the Signs

Whenever your animal is sick, or in pain, there are “verbal” and “non-verbal” cues your pet will give you. That is why paying such close attention to your animals is vital. Continue reading “Be Your Pet’s Voice: Recognizing the Signs”

Be Your Pet’s Voice: Pay Them Close Attention!

Leo, our soon to be 6 year old furry adoptive son and NautilusMODE mascot fell ill this weekend, and not in the traditional manner. The cause: a blocked urinary tract.  Not something my wife or I expected, but it is incredibly serious and apparently common in male cats. The terrifying part? If let unchecked he could have died from kidney failure within 3 to 6 days. Continue reading “Be Your Pet’s Voice: Pay Them Close Attention!”

The Importance of a Cat’s Routine

Most kitties are creatures of habits very simple to understand as an owner. The sooner you learn your cat’s routine, or establish one for your kitten, the happier both your lives will be. Continue reading “The Importance of a Cat’s Routine”