Why We Stopped Playing Pokemon GO

A few weeks ago Allyson wrote an article about how we were obsessed with the new Pokemon GO mobile game. A few weeks later, Niantic has done enough to make us loose all interest. Maybe someday when it’s not as buggy and features stop dramatically changing we’d reconsider. However, I already hardly even think about the game anymore. Continue reading “Why We Stopped Playing Pokemon GO”

Should I Upgrade My Tech?

Your device is two or more years old and the itch to upgrade has set in. Should you upgrade? Let’s review a checklist to help save you money and disappointment. Continue reading “Should I Upgrade My Tech?”

8 Ways To Keep Your Phone or Tablet Running Like New

Ever bought a new phone or tablet only to find it under performing after a few months of use? Help reduce it’s sluggishness with these tips! Continue reading “8 Ways To Keep Your Phone or Tablet Running Like New”

Crazy Phantom Touchscreen Input

Every had your phone or tablet’s input go crazy?  Perhaps it fails to sense your fingers or even acts on what seems to be its own possessed will?  If so, don’t throw it out the window or make that warranty claim just yet, there is a simple process that may fix it. Continue reading “Crazy Phantom Touchscreen Input”