Computers Enable Minimalism Right?

Everyone can be a minimalist in the the digital era right? You stream your movies or music, you can store all your copies of music, movies, photos, documents, mail, bills etc to a device smaller than your thumbnail. No more clutter and nothing eating up the precious space leaving everything clean and neat. However, this is only true for the physical world. Continue reading “Computers Enable Minimalism Right?”

Wiring Your Home Network Part 2: Making Wall Plates and Tool Review

Earlier this year I wrote about why I choose to wire my apartment with Ethernet. I reviewed the crimp tool I use to make patch cables(connect from the PC to the router or wall). Now I will show you the tools you need to make the wall jacks themselves.

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October 2015 Toshiba Laptop Update: Bluetooth and Trackpad

If you have been following along my Toshiba Satellite posts, you should be eager to hear these updates! Some bad news, and some great news about it’s hardware! Continue reading “October 2015 Toshiba Laptop Update: Bluetooth and Trackpad”

Reduce Your Household Waste

This topic has been in the forefront of my mind for a few months now, especially since Trevor and I live in such a small apartment and still managed to generate a bag of trash every two days. Read on to learn about our inspiration and the methods we use to reduce household waste in our home.

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Designing a Better Workspace: Planning a DIY Desk/Work Cart

Having moved recently I found my old Ikea Expedit desk would not work in the new space(no dedicated office!).  As such I felt this would be the time to get a desk that would best fit the space and my work style. The catch? I plan to build this myself(most likely with some help). Building a desk will not only allow me to get exactly what I want, but also get something that has more utility and features and better fit the small space I have available than what a traditional desk can do.  Continue reading “Designing a Better Workspace: Planning a DIY Desk/Work Cart”

Downsizing Your Wardrobe

Globally Americans are viewed as gluttons. We eat too much, are too crude, and have too many things. I’d have to say, I agree with that stereotype. Recognizing this tendency to want more within myself, and honoring my personal value of living with less of an impact on the world around me, I’ve been slowly transforming myself to live minimally in every area of my live possible. Clothing is no exception to this rule. Continue reading “Downsizing Your Wardrobe”

Embracing Minimalism: Sale Prep and Options, Part Six

You’ve cleared out all your junk, organized it into piles and taken care of the donations and trash. Now you’re left with a massive sell pile. Okay, maybe yours isn’t massive, but ours is! The pile we’ve constructed is almost completely all furniture. Where do you go from here? How do you sell it all? Keep reading, my friends. Continue reading “Embracing Minimalism: Sale Prep and Options, Part Six”

How to Achieve the Paperless Office

With the help of our new Epson WF3640 I’ve managed to tackle our filing bins and transform our office into a paperless office, save our federal documents and IDs. Interested in taking the paperless plunge? Read on to learn more about my process and how the endeavor went. Continue reading “How to Achieve the Paperless Office”

Embracing Minimalism: Criticism, Part Four

Any time you announce you’re downsizing someone has something to say. There might be a lot of praise, but there’s usually more negativity. Especially in America, due to rampantly out of control consumer culture and marketing brainwashing, the general consensus is that stuff should make you happier. Stuff should improve your life. Stuff holds memories. If you eliminate that stuff, you might regret it. Continue reading “Embracing Minimalism: Criticism, Part Four”

Embracing Minimalism: March 2015 Bedroom Progress

Since I’ve been going on about this topic for a bit, I thought I’d show you where we stand at the end of March. We have a two bedroom, one bath apartment that is 700 square feet. I’ve taken photos of the bedroom to share with you, as that’s where the most progress has taken place. Continue reading “Embracing Minimalism: March 2015 Bedroom Progress”