ALEX Desk Update | Let’s Chat, S02 E05

Happy Sunday! This week we’d thought we do something a little different and offer an update on my ALEX desk unit from IKEA that we had picked it up and built on our YouTube channel over a year ago. Continue reading “ALEX Desk Update | Let’s Chat, S02 E05”

Questing For The Perfect Workspace

I write this article on my laptop in bed as I currently have no computer desk(again). I disassembled it in an effort to ensure I don’t tie myself to the functional but counter productive space it enabled. I have been through a number of desks or variations with 3 in the past year. None of them matching the ultra productive feeling of the one I had in college.

In college I had a very functional desk set up. This mainly consisted of a Z-Line brand L desk I obtained from Staples on sale for $40. Although cheap, it was very effective and help my dual monitors, keyboard speakers, pen tablet, printer, books, and art supplies in just the right places to get stuff done. I moved out after graduation and continued to happily use my desk until it slowly deteriorated. Since then I have been searching for an equally productive set up but haven’t found a solution yet. Continue reading “Questing For The Perfect Workspace”

Why I am ditching my standing desk

The other month I posted plans and a tutorial on how to build your very own standing desk/work cart. Now I am writing about why I am ditching this set up.

Continue reading “Why I am ditching my standing desk”

Thoughts: Standing Desk

I recently built myself a standing desk to help offset the hours I sit everyday. So what’s the world of standing desks like? It’s an adjustment, that’s for sure. Continue reading “Thoughts: Standing Desk”

Designing a Better Workspace: Planning a DIY Desk/Work Cart

Having moved recently I found my old Ikea Expedit desk would not work in the new space(no dedicated office!).  As such I felt this would be the time to get a desk that would best fit the space and my work style. The catch? I plan to build this myself(most likely with some help). Building a desk will not only allow me to get exactly what I want, but also get something that has more utility and features and better fit the small space I have available than what a traditional desk can do.  Continue reading “Designing a Better Workspace: Planning a DIY Desk/Work Cart”

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