A few months ago, Trevor and I bought four black MARIUS stools. Recently they met a terrible end, thus a bit of shopping needed done! Continue reading “IKEA FROSTA”

Using the Best Things You Have

When living minimally, one of the things you need to get used to is using the best things you have every day. This is because the only things you own are the “best” items to you. A common example is dinnerware. Trevor and I had daily dishes, special occasion dishes and an incomplete set of dishes I’d had in college. No household needs three sets of dishes. We ditched everything during our home purge, as we didn’t really like any of them, and picked up a set that we truly enjoy seeing all day every day. Continue reading “Using the Best Things You Have”

Our 2014 Christmas Tree

Decorating a tree doesn’t have to be intimidating, or expensive. I mixed inexpensive and expensive ornaments to achieve this earthy, yet festive, Christmas look. Continue reading “Our 2014 Christmas Tree”