Cleaning, Tidying and Organizing

For the longest time I didn’t understand there was a difference between cleaning something, and tidying something. As for the word “organize” I never understood where that fit into the equation. This mystery remained unsolved for me until I read Marie Kondo’s book a few years ago. So, until then I had understood the words to be interchangeable, but that couldn’t be more incorrect. Continue reading “Cleaning, Tidying and Organizing”

Homemade Laundry Detergent and How to Store It Properly

Budgeting and cutting household costs has been at the forefront my mind for quite some time now. Saving more money around the house means more money to use to pay off school debt, which is now our number one priority in life (something I never thought I’d say if you’d had asked me as a teenager). At any rate, I’d become particularly frustrated with the cost of laundry detergents and decided to find a recipe online to make my own. Continue reading “Homemade Laundry Detergent and How to Store It Properly”

A Cleaning Schedule

I’ve tried and tried and tried to get some sort of a cleaning schedule down that would work for me, and I had thought it would be easier to do living in a small space. Not true. At all. Turns out, the method was a bad match for my household and our habits, as well as my cleaning style. What does that mean? Continue reading “A Cleaning Schedule”

Get Organized: Under the Bathroom Sink

Before Trevor and I left for our fabulous cruise, I made it a mission to get the house relatively cleaned up. I didn’t want anything lying around that the cats could get into, I didn’t want anything left out in the open for the sitter to worry about/to have to deal with; it just makes sense to tidy up as much as possible before going away, for any length of trip. Continue reading “Get Organized: Under the Bathroom Sink”

Tidying the Pantry

Sometimes I open my pantry and think “what the heck happened since the last time I organized this thing?!” Am I the only one? Continue reading “Tidying the Pantry”

Computers Enable Minimalism Right?

Everyone can be a minimalist in the the digital era right? You stream your movies or music, you can store all your copies of music, movies, photos, documents, mail, bills etc to a device smaller than your thumbnail. No more clutter and nothing eating up the precious space leaving everything clean and neat. However, this is only true for the physical world. Continue reading “Computers Enable Minimalism Right?”

Reduce Your Household Waste

This topic has been in the forefront of my mind for a few months now, especially since Trevor and I live in such a small apartment and still managed to generate a bag of trash every two days. Read on to learn about our inspiration and the methods we use to reduce household waste in our home.

Continue reading “Reduce Your Household Waste”

Downsizing Your Wardrobe

Globally Americans are viewed as gluttons. We eat too much, are too crude, and have too many things. I’d have to say, I agree with that stereotype. Recognizing this tendency to want more within myself, and honoring my personal value of living with less of an impact on the world around me, I’ve been slowly transforming myself to live minimally in every area of my live possible. Clothing is no exception to this rule. Continue reading “Downsizing Your Wardrobe”

Digital Spring Cleaning

It’s about that time a year in the northern hemisphere for Spring cleaning to commence! In addition to the standard clean up of your residence, don’t forget to clean up your digital residences too! Don’t let those personal photos, videos and emails sit for much longer. While you are still stuck inside waiting for the coldest part of the year to end is the perfect time to back up your files and respond to long overdue emails, voice-mails and more! Continue reading “Digital Spring Cleaning”