Half-Bedroom Apartments Exist

I’ve been in the rural rental market for five years now and all of the units available in my market have 0, 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms. When I saw the phrase “half-bedroom” in the title of a YouTube video, I just had to watch it.

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Simple String Light Photo Display

I’m constantly looking for ways to make our bedroom more soft and relaxing. Our metal canopy bed is very demanding of the space and I try my best to down-play it in subtle and clean ways. Continue reading “Simple String Light Photo Display”

Creating an Inviting Bed

Earlier this week I shared a photo of our finished bed on Instagram and it was received fairly well! As promised, I’ll be sharing how I jazzed it up in today’s blog post. Continue reading “Creating an Inviting Bed”

DHP Canopy Bed Build & Review

The week before Memorial Day we moved into our new apartment and ordered a bed frame for our new place. I went with this model on Wayfair.com by DHP. Continue reading “DHP Canopy Bed Build & Review”