Decorating for Christmas as a Minimalist

When I tell people I’m a Minimalist, they tend to assume I don’t have anything to sit on in my house and that it’s stark and sterile. While I don’t really have comfortable things to sit on, I do have a couch and chairs. I also decorate my home, to the surprise of some, seasonally. While my definition of decorating seasonally may differ from the techniques of many, I do still like to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Continue reading “Decorating for Christmas as a Minimalist”

16 Things We’re Thankful For in 2016

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers! I had another post planned for today, but we decided last minute to share with all of you 16 things that we’re thankful for in 2016. This list isn’t in any particular order as we just threw it together as we thought of it! Continue reading “16 Things We’re Thankful For in 2016”

Let’s Chat Week: 43

It’s that time of the week! Let’s Chat! Continue reading “Let’s Chat Week: 43”

Let’s Chat: Week 42

Sunday is “Let’s Chat” day, so let’s chat about this past week! Continue reading “Let’s Chat: Week 42”

2016 Capsule Wardrobe: Trevor’s Every Day Wardrobe

Let’s talk about mandrobes. I mean wardrobes… , for dudes. Continue reading “2016 Capsule Wardrobe: Trevor’s Every Day Wardrobe”

Let’s Chat: 2016 Week 41

Happy Sunday, let’s chat!

Continue reading “Let’s Chat: 2016 Week 41”

A Channel Trailer and New Beginnings

Two years ago we started this blog with a vision. Trevor and I wanted to create a place where we could help, and learn from, people all over the world. We wanted to create a community where ideas can be readily shared and discussed, so we can all grow and be become more knowledgeable. We’ve changed a lot over the course of two years, but our vision remains firm. Continue reading “A Channel Trailer and New Beginnings”

Let’s Chat: 2016 Week 40

Happy Sunday everyone! Sunday is “Let’s Chat” day, so let’s chat! Continue reading “Let’s Chat: 2016 Week 40”

Let’s Chat: 2016 Week 39

I am so happy to bring you guys our first YouTube series! Let’s Chat will be a weekly segment in which we spend some time reviewing the past week, as well as chat about a few things that are on our minds. Continue reading “Let’s Chat: 2016 Week 39”

2016 Fall Capsule Wardrobe: 1-Month Update

I shared my fall capsule wardrobe a few weeks ago, and wanted to give a little update as to how it was going. I’ve never dealt with a wardrobe this small and I’m literally wearing the same few items, so I thought talking about my experience would be helpful for others considering trying such a small wardrobe on for size (pun intended), as well as for my own learning experience. Continue reading “2016 Fall Capsule Wardrobe: 1-Month Update”