Our Weight Loss Journey | Week 004

Since we’ve bought our new scale my confidence has somewhat taken a nose-dive. Our old scale weighed in a few pounds lighter than what we actually were. So there was that, but Trevor and myself did learn a lot about our bodies this week.
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Simple Planning | February 2017

The end of the month is my favorite time of the month as I get to set-up the calendar for the following month in my planner. Am I obsessed? Do I have a problem? Eh, whatever. Let’s talk planners! Continue reading “Simple Planning | February 2017”

We Bought a $130 Scale | Let’s Chat, S02 E04

Happy Sunday everyone! This week we wanted to do a super quick update to let you know we’d invested in a smart scale. Continue reading “We Bought a $130 Scale | Let’s Chat, S02 E04”

Our Weight Loss Journey | Week 003

This past week was kind of a big deal for us in that we discovered how to shop for produce cheaply in our area. We live in a rural community, with no markets or co-ops to purchase produce from, and the grocery stores in the area don’t offer a discount for ordering produce in bulk. I was at the end of my rope, as we were spending about $150 a week on food until last week, but no more! Continue reading “Our Weight Loss Journey | Week 003”

Her 2017 Wardrobe

January is the month in which Trevor and I evaluate the clothing in our wardrobes to make sure each piece will serve us well throughout the year. Last week I shared Trevor’s every day wardrobe, and this week I’ve got mine! Continue reading “Her 2017 Wardrobe”

Two Years of Minimalism | How We’ve Changed

It’s been two years since Trevor and I became Minimalists and, we’re happy to say, we’ve learned a number of things. The experience wasn’t always easy, or enjoyable, but we have arrived at a much improved and happier state of living. Continue reading “Two Years of Minimalism | How We’ve Changed”

You Are What You Eat? | Let’s Chat S02 E03

Happy Sunday! Let’s Chat about food this week.

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Our Weight Loss Journey | Week 002

Well it’s the end of our second week of diet changes and, I am happy to report, we both lost weight! Trevor and I are weighing ourselves on an analog scale, and we’ll be picking up a fancier scale sometime in the next week (along with a tape measure so I can provide some measurements! I lost my old one in a tragic sewing accident…R.I.P. old tape measure…) Continue reading “Our Weight Loss Journey | Week 002”

His 2017 Wardrobe

January is the month in which Trevor and I evaluate our clothing up and down, every stitch, to make sure each piece will serve us well throughout the year. Continue reading “His 2017 Wardrobe”

Minimalism Won’t Make You Happy

Hey everyone! Today’s topic is something I didn’t know was a thing until a couple weeks ago. I was checking out content similar to ours on YouTube and found several videos promoting polarizing opinions by comparing Minimalism and Materialism and suggesting that one is superior than the other in the video titles. This absolutely frustrates me as, for starters, polarizing media disgusts me. The short of it is: no way of living is superior to the other, or will guarantee you happiness (SPOILER ALERT: we all have to do that for ourselves), but there is a way of living that is best suited to you and your personality. This, of course, means doing the research and throwing on that thinking cap to find a method of living that sounds best to you. Continue reading “Minimalism Won’t Make You Happy”

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