Logitech Unifying Receiver: Interference Troubleshooting

Own a Logitech wireless product but having issues with sticky or delayed keyboard or mouse responses? The solution may be simpler than you think. Continue reading “Logitech Unifying Receiver: Interference Troubleshooting”

Should I Upgrade My Tech?

Your device is two or more years old and the itch to upgrade has set in. Should you upgrade? Let’s review a checklist to help save you money and disappointment. Continue reading “Should I Upgrade My Tech?”

Blue Snowball Unboxing

We recently bought a Blue snowball microphone to help record our YouTube videos! So, what exactly is in the box? Check it out below! Continue reading “Blue Snowball Unboxing”

Wiring Your Home Network Part 2: Making Wall Plates and Tool Review

Earlier this year I wrote about why I choose to wire my apartment with Ethernet. I reviewed the crimp tool I use to make patch cables(connect from the PC to the router or wall). Now I will show you the tools you need to make the wall jacks themselves.

Continue reading “Wiring Your Home Network Part 2: Making Wall Plates and Tool Review”

Product Review: Epson WF-3640

Let’s talk printers! I know, we are moving towards a paperless world, but you still need one of these things even if you don’t use it often. So, is there a printer that doesn’t cause frustration, just works and can do everything you need and maybe help you enter the paperless future? Yes, the Epson WF-3640 can do all these things and at a surprisingly affordable price point.  Multiple scanning options? Check. Multiple connectivity options? Check. Multiple Paper Trays? Check.  You should consider this for a future proof printer.

Continue reading “Product Review: Epson WF-3640”

Product Review: La Crosse BC700 Alpha Power Battery Charger

Interested in greener technology but not sure where to start? How about purchasing some rechargeable batteries? Not only will it cut down on waste, but it will save you money in the long run. However, does it matter what charger you buy for your rechargeable batteries?

Continue reading “Product Review: La Crosse BC700 Alpha Power Battery Charger”

Your Guide To Buying TV’s and Monitors

Need a new TV or monitor but don’t know where to start? In this guide I will tell you how I shop for and purchase displays. Continue reading “Your Guide To Buying TV’s and Monitors”

8 Ways To Keep Your Phone or Tablet Running Like New

Ever bought a new phone or tablet only to find it under performing after a few months of use? Help reduce it’s sluggishness with these tips! Continue reading “8 Ways To Keep Your Phone or Tablet Running Like New”

Organize Your Computer Hardware and Accessories

If you are like me, you may have found yourself with a drawer or two of computer accessories and hardware. If that is the case I would guess that you may have found yourself endlessly digging through them trying to find a wifi adapter, USB cord or other cable for minutes on end without success. How can you tame the mess?  The answer is simpler than you think. Continue reading “Organize Your Computer Hardware and Accessories”

Crazy Phantom Touchscreen Input

Every had your phone or tablet’s input go crazy?  Perhaps it fails to sense your fingers or even acts on what seems to be its own possessed will?  If so, don’t throw it out the window or make that warranty claim just yet, there is a simple process that may fix it. Continue reading “Crazy Phantom Touchscreen Input”

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