#Minimalist2017 Recap + Reflections

Call us crazy, but Trevor and I spent this past holiday season spending time with family, relaxing and going through our entire apartment as a final push to eliminate all the excess items we could easily identify. We shared this journey over on our Instagram page and are going to provide a recap today, along with what we’ve learned about ourselves and minimalism. Continue reading “#Minimalist2017 Recap + Reflections”

Declutter with #Minimalist2017!

Trevor and I are so excited to bring to you our latest project: Minimalist2017! For the rest of December, we’ll be uploading one item we’re removing from our home to our Instagram every day using “#Minimalist2017” to help inspire all of you to achieve your downsizing goals! Continue reading “Declutter with #Minimalist2017!”

Maria Storgaard’s Minimal Capsule Wardrobe

GoDownsize, with Maria and Morten Storgaard, has been one of my favorite YouTube channels for the past couple years, but I actually found the channel through their travel channel, One Girl One Suitcase. Maria has been such a light a positive influence on my clothing, I had to share. Continue reading “Maria Storgaard’s Minimal Capsule Wardrobe”

Minimalism for the Masses and The Minimalists

“Love people and use things, because the opposite never works.”- The Minimalists
Continue reading “Minimalism for the Masses and The Minimalists”

Downsizing: Excess, Excuses, and Personal Identity

Over the past few years we have had numerous conversations with those around us about downsizing as we have been going through the process ourselves. We have found downsizing(or rightsizing) our possessions to what we really need or want to do be a fantastic way to curb spending and save time/money. However most of the time after a short while I find that others usually default back to an opinion of, ‘well I can’t live without X’, or ‘I need Y’, ‘I love all those things though’. Why is this a common reaction? This article shares my opinion as to why with how I experienced it first hand. Continue reading “Downsizing: Excess, Excuses, and Personal Identity”

Half-Bedroom Apartments Exist

I’ve been in the rural rental market for five years now and all of the units available in my market have 0, 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms. When I saw the phrase “half-bedroom” in the title of a YouTube video, I just had to watch it.

Continue reading “Half-Bedroom Apartments Exist”

The 10-Item Wardrobe and Jennifer L. Scott

Winter 2014 I was recovering from a head injury and feeling fairly helpless up against the mountain of housework and tidying that needed done in our apartment. We had a lot of stuff we didn’t need everywhere you could look cluttering walkways, closets, desk space, cabinets, countertops, and shelves. All that stuff brought a lot of stress and a feeling of claustrophobia. I was searching online for organization tools and methods, because at the time I didn’t think we needed to get rid of anything, when I came across a TedX talk by Jennifer L. Scott on the 10-Item Wardrobe. I clicked, watched, then made Trevor watch it with me; it was a lecture that would start a ripple in our lives, and we would never be the same. Almost immediately after hearing her speech, we went through all of our clothes and donated the things that didn’t fit and we no longer needed, we embarked on the path towards a minimalist life. Continue reading “The 10-Item Wardrobe and Jennifer L. Scott”

Annelise and Jake

Annelise and Jake live in an 8x21ft tiny house on a trailer. They’re US graduate students renting land, using about $50 USD worth of electric in winter and about $10 USD electric in summer. They have a mini-fridge to store their food instead of a full-size. Climbing a ladder is required to get to their bed in a loft. Sounds tiny, but why live this way? Continue reading “Annelise and Jake”

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