10 Ways to Reuse Shopping Bags | DIY Recycling Challenge

Hi everyone! This project has been in the works for a month now, and I’m so excited to finally share this project with you! This blog post and video was done in collaboration with Simple Victoria, and several other Youtube channels, to bring you guys tons of different ideas on how to take an object and turn it into something new. This project is our first collaboration project, ever, and we hope that you guys enjoy and find some ideas in this video. Continue reading “10 Ways to Reuse Shopping Bags | DIY Recycling Challenge”

Cleaning, Tidying and Organizing

For the longest time I didn’t understand there was a difference between cleaning something, and tidying something. As for the word “organize” I never understood where that fit into the equation. This mystery remained unsolved for me until I read Marie Kondo’s book a few years ago. So, until then I had understood the words to be interchangeable, but that couldn’t be more incorrect. Continue reading “Cleaning, Tidying and Organizing”

A Cleaning Schedule

I’ve tried and tried and tried to get some sort of a cleaning schedule down that would work for me, and I had thought it would be easier to do living in a small space. Not true. At all. Turns out, the method was a bad match for my household and our habits, as well as my cleaning style. What does that mean? Continue reading “A Cleaning Schedule”

Get Organized: Under the Bathroom Sink

Before Trevor and I left for our fabulous cruise, I made it a mission to get the house relatively cleaned up. I didn’t want anything lying around that the cats could get into, I didn’t want anything left out in the open for the sitter to worry about/to have to deal with; it just makes sense to tidy up as much as possible before going away, for any length of trip. Continue reading “Get Organized: Under the Bathroom Sink”

Tidying the Pantry

Sometimes I open my pantry and think “what the heck happened since the last time I organized this thing?!” Am I the only one? Continue reading “Tidying the Pantry”

Reduce Your Household Waste

This topic has been in the forefront of my mind for a few months now, especially since Trevor and I live in such a small apartment and still managed to generate a bag of trash every two days. Read on to learn about our inspiration and the methods we use to reduce household waste in our home.

Continue reading “Reduce Your Household Waste”

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