Edit The Now!

! What’s that? NautilusMode is evolving?! Yep, that’s right, we are back to creating content but with a brand new site that is more focused than ever before. Actually we have multiple sites.

Edit The Now

Edit the now is picking up right where we left off. It will be more content about our lives and how we live different. From lifestyle, living with intent, focusing on the moment and how editing the now can change your life.

Trevor’s Desk

Looking for more tech content? You can stop by Trevor’s Desk to see what he is up to. Instead of product reviews and Windows help, he has moved on to describing what life is life from his desk which is where he spends most of his waking hours. New content includes personal thoughts and stories of all things that land on his desk. Don’t expect more of the old content though. He will dive into tech problems/solutions but not in the same manner. Mostly as he now has a Mac and is focusing more on his hobbies Game Design and digital art, that he hopes to share.

Our Weight Loss Journey | Week 006

We were both sick over the past week but it hasn’t stopped us from working on our goal of weight loss! Continue reading “Our Weight Loss Journey | Week 006”

Minimalists or Essentialists? | Let’s Chat, S02 E06

Hi there! This week we reflect on minimalism and essentialism and realize that we are more essentialist than minimalist. Continue reading “Minimalists or Essentialists? | Let’s Chat, S02 E06”

Minimalism: Don’t Store Unusable Items

Sometimes when an item no longer works for you or was a bad fit from the beginning we cast it aside when a new solution is available. However it’s best to ensure that you don’t hold on to the old item after it’s usefulness has past. Continue reading “Minimalism: Don’t Store Unusable Items”

Product Review: PowerColor Red Dragon RX 480 4GB

Looking for a solid yet affordable RX 480? This may be just the card you were looking for. Continue reading “Product Review: PowerColor Red Dragon RX 480 4GB”

Logitech Unifying Receiver: Interference Troubleshooting

Own a Logitech wireless product but having issues with sticky or delayed keyboard or mouse responses? The solution may be simpler than you think. Continue reading “Logitech Unifying Receiver: Interference Troubleshooting”

Stuff Requires Even More Stuff

Have you ever realized how much stuff your stuff needs? Continue reading “Stuff Requires Even More Stuff”

Christmas and Minimalism

It’s almost that time again. Christmas time of course! (For all those who observe it.) Unfortunately though modern western Christmas traditions don’t usually mix well with minimalism. Decking the halls and gift giving can easily get out of hand. However, with that said you can find a balance for the holidays that wont result in excess consumption and boxes of decorations that are only used for 1/12th of the year. Continue reading “Christmas and Minimalism”

Downsizing: Excess, Excuses, and Personal Identity

Over the past few years we have had numerous conversations with those around us about downsizing as we have been going through the process ourselves. We have found downsizing(or rightsizing) our possessions to what we really need or want to do be a fantastic way to curb spending and save time/money. However most of the time after a short while I find that others usually default back to an opinion of, ‘well I can’t live without X’, or ‘I need Y’, ‘I love all those things though’. Why is this a common reaction? This article shares my opinion as to why with how I experienced it first hand. Continue reading “Downsizing: Excess, Excuses, and Personal Identity”

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