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portraitMy name is Allyson and I’m on a quest to live for less: less junk around the house, less square footage, less chemical exposure, less wasted time, and spending less money. Join me as I tackle finding a way through life, relationships, and maintaining a household while attempting to become a minimalist.

I’m Allyson: wife, writer, and wanderer. I like to save money, do things myself, and have new experiences. I hope I can inspire you to think outside your comfort zone.

When I was younger I was an avid gamer. With the press of a button I could transform into someone else, see other places, travel to alternate universes, and do incredible things. After playing “Tomb Raider” shortly after its release in ’96, I was captivated by Lara Croft. I wanted to be her and have her confidence. Discovery, treasure, puzzles, travel, guns, monsters, world saving—I wanted all of it and was convinced that I could achieve my goal. As I grew older I became to understand that the world of Lara Croft didn’t exist.

Embracing my creativity, I began writing. I scribbled stories in my school books, on scraps of paper, and inside books. None of it was good, but I had plenty of encouragement from my teachers. This continued through High School. I was sent to a writer’s summer camp at Susquehanna University, then attended university there upon High School’s completion. After four years of personal and scholastic ups and downs, I graduated in 2011 with a dual degree in Writing and Philosophy. Success was at hand! At least, that’s what I’d been convinced. Although I applied for work throughout my local area, I remained underemployed for three months. I sent applications to car dealerships, to the local hospital, to newspapers, to marketing firms, colleges and universities…all over. I had dozens of interviews, but all of them involved the same conversations:

  • “You’re very young.”
  • “You do understand you’re a girl trying to enter a men’s field.”
  • “You’re getting a little old to start a family, won’t you be doing that soon?”

No matter what response I gave to these points, my interviewer wouldn’t hear me. Living in an area where women become teachers, nurses, or sales reps before starting a family and staying home to raise them wasn’t the best environment. I couldn’t afford to move where I needed to be, to I cut my losses and started working part time in a department store. Thus followed a slew of jobs I despised, jobs that wore me down, and jobs that depressed me. Each job after the other made me feel more and more trapped, less and less valued.

NautilusMode started as a hobby, to take our minds off the monotonous jobs we had at the time. We wanted something fun and engaging to showcase our personalities, interests, and unique way of thinking, all while creating an online community.

This is where you come in.

So what do I stand for? What fuels my posts on NautilusMODE? What do I believe in?

NautilusMODE is a creative outlet where I can freely share my ideas for others to use in their personal lives. Technology is a huge part of my life that I plan on sharing via reviews and gaming.

Posts by Allyson are for individuals looking to save money, make informed purchases, be inspired, and gain knowledge from my experiences.

Thank you for spending some time with me!


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