About NautilusMODE

NautilusMODE is a lifestyle blog created to share our interests, knowledge, and other information with the world. Mainly things we know, or do.

nautilus mode - (Adj) - Sleeping in a position that resembles a nautilus.
nautilus mode – (verb) – Sleeping in a position that resembles a nautilus.

Our site name comes from Leo, our cat.  When he was exiting kittenhood, he started to roll himself up into a ball for sleeping.  This makes him look like a nautilus as his stripes curve to further match the sea creatures shell.  We soon started calling this style of sleep “nautilus mode” and regularly refer to it as such. Generally, nautilus mode is a “do not disturb” deep-sleep position. Leo often snores and dreams curled up this way.

Fast forward to the creation of this site, and we were looking to start with a catchy name and wanted to include Leo in some form.  As such we thought NautilusMODE was a perfect fit.

So, what’s in it for you?

If you haven’t read our mission post, please do.  The short version is that we do everything.  We will be writing about how to do things that directly impact our lives.   From arts to science/technology as well as tips/tricks to tutorials and opinion pieces.   As such we hope that this information will impact your life in a positive way.

Be sure to check out the author about pages! Click here for Allyson’s. Click here for Trevor’s.

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