About Leo & Lev

Who are the cats in 70% of our photos? Leo and Lev! They love to get involved with what we’re doing, and love to show off for the camera. Here’s their story:


Leo was found next to an American pharmacy dumpster in 2009. He had severe conjunctivitis, was blind, had worms in his belly, had fleas and was malnourished. When we got him he was just two weeks old, and very sick. By 2010 he was worm free and miraculously able to see again! Since then, he’s developed quite the personality, living happily and care-free.


Lev was found wandering around a dumpster behind a doctor’s office in 2015, then spent a month alone in a cage at Petco. He’s a healthy kitty that got a loving home for Christmas ’15 and is very thankful for it. He prefers cuddles over playtime, but we don’t mind at all!

Leo & Lev have their own YouTube channel! We upload the first Saturday of every month as to not overwork our kitties, and thank you in advance for your understanding.

Thanks for stopping by! 😸 Meow! 😸 Meow!

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