Hi there! We’re a husband-and-wife minimalist blog exploring minimalism, technology, travel, home life, and discovering who we are. NautilusMODE is a lifestyle blog devoted to sharing all the ways simplicity is best, and impacting your life in a positive way.

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NautilusMODE was started in spring 2014 as a husband-wife blog detailing our interests and hobbies. Summer of 2014 one of us suffered an injury that had tremendous impact on our views, goals, and lifestyle. After a few months of not being able to upkeep the home, we found ourselves at wits end searching for organization tips and tricks on YouTube. One evening we stumbled on Jennifer L. Scott and the Minimalists’ TedX Talks, and our lives were changed forever.

Since then we’ve shared our journey towards a more minimalist lifestyle on our blog, as well as our tips and thoughts on the process. We believe everyone’s process of downsizing and decluttering is different, but we’ve found that there are some milestones most minimalists share; we wanted to explore this area of minimalism, as well as provide help and advice to those that are struggling somewhere on their own journeys.

Although this is the main focus of NautilusMODE, we still try to share things we’ve learned in our lives relative to our hobbies and lifestyle.


About Trevor

Hi, I’m Trevor! I grew up and still live in rural Pennsylvania, however I do have a desire to see more of this planet (as I am sure many feel after living in a place for their entire life, but maybe that’s just me). I am a minimalist, inspired mostly by Jennifer L Scott and her talk about ‘The ten-item wardrobe’ which thrust both Allyson and I down the minimalism journey. This journey started back in winter 2014 as we were looking to make changes in our life from having a very tumultuous year. As I am not trained(have a degree) in writing and come from a Comp Sci background I have found that I enjoy writing articles that help simplify technology as well as provide unbiased real world reviews the most. I like to help make others lives more simple through knowledge essentially.

I used to have a love for all things electronic/computerized but have since found focus on Game Design (hobby since 2004), art of various kinds(photography, digital, sketching) and a strong inclination to write up useful articles about the things I know and do to help others. This isn’t to say I tire of technology as I enjoy all the conveniences it can allow, but I prefer a new keep it simple approach as I used to try to stitch and hack things together at any cost. So all my tech articles will be straight to the point answers on how to solve real world problems. As such I probably couldn’t live without some form of computer, one powerful enough to run the game engine and 3D apps I play with as my main hobby.

Allyson’s comments about Trevor: Trevor’s sense of humor is broad, versatile, and one of the reasons I fell in love with him in the first place. He’s an intelligent human being that sees everything through to the end, and his willingness to streamline and problem-solve inspires me to try to do the same. My favorite thing about Trevor is that he always aims to be true to himself whether it’s growing his hair out, or finding his personal style.


About Allyson


Hi, I’m Allyson and I’m married to my best friend, but more importantly I’m a keeper of two cats. I was born in Missouri and grew up in Indiana and Pennsylvania, the later of which is where I met Trevor.  Although the area I live in is beautiful, I’ve always felt like a fish out of water; I’m still searching for where I belong, but searching is really the best part…oh, I love to travel and experience new places!

I found minimalism in the fall of 2014 by way of Jennifer L. Scott and the Minimalists. That evening, after Trevor got home from work, I showed him the two Tedx Talks and our lives were changed forever; we rooted through our clothing and halved our wardrobes. My biggest influence has been Coco, from the YouTube channel “Light by Coco,” who lives incredibly light. I find her lifestyle so freeing and tranquil, I truthfully strive to recreate it in my own life.

Most of my life I’ve been in a state of melancholia and I’ve used writing as a tool since I was young to effectively portray feelings, wants, and needs when I lacked the confidence to do so via another way. It became my safe place, where I could be creative and happy; I pursued a degree in Creative Writing in college (I’m not giving myself enough credit here, I actually have a dual BA in Creative Writing and Philosophy). When I compare what I did growing up to what I do now, the premise hasn’t changed. I’m still writing what I love to write about most: experiences. Experience helps to carve out who we are, but it can also be shared, which is incredible, and I believe that sharing of experience has immeasurable value.

Speaking of immeasurable value, although Trevor and I don’t have a television, I could never give up my laptop. That’s really the one material possession I don’t need to survive that I need for sanity’s sake. Not only does my laptop allow me to work, it allows me to relax. How? Only my favorite game of all time, The Sims, and Crunchyroll!

Trevor’s comments about Allyson: Allyson’s compassion, empathy for others, free spirit, non-calculated approach to life and love of learning is what still fascinates and intrigues me and of course led to me falling deeply in love with her. She grounds me and completes me in all the ways I fall short. My favorite thing about Allyson is her fearlessness and encouragement in venturing into anything new.