Shopping As An Essentialist

Truthfully this wasn’t an area of my life that I had anticipated would change, but it greatly has. I mean, I was fully aware that the shopping habits we’d had a few years ago were atrocious, but I’d thought we’d cleaned up our act a good amount. Turns out essentialism and living simple with only what you need would have a major impact on how Trevor and I spend money (AND view money, so if you’re interested in learning more about that let me know in a comment below).

As far as items go, we view them in a completely different light. Needed items and wanted items are the two categories we use for understanding the slew of goods that are available to us today. From there we further analyze to see why we want, or need, something and address each item individually. Of course, we can do this immediately while out shopping, but we’ve really broken the process down for you in this video:

We also shared our tips and tricks for shopping (and understanding shopping) as someone who chooses to live a more simplified life. Here’s what we do when shopping:

  1. TAKE. A. LIST. Stick to this list and only buy items from it, as best as you can.
  2. Know what sections of the store contain your impulse weaknesses and stay away from those areas.
  3. Items that go on sale all the time aren’t items you need, which is why they go on sale all the time. Don’t be coaxed into buying an item you don’t need because of the price, or sale!
  4. Avoid super seasonal stuff when possible, and instead opt for items you can use year-round.
  5. Watch sales for a year and learn the patterns on one-off items that you’d like to buy. This way you know when you’re spending the least amount of money on that item.
  6. Use wish-lists!
  7. Take photos of items you see in store that make you think of someone. Don’t buy them!
  8. Or, take that person with you to show them the items that made you think of them.
  9. If you looooove to shop, go shopping with someone that understands your lifestyle goals so they can keep you in check.
  10. Appreciate items, and the excitement/feelings they bring you, without actually purchasing them.

Do YOU have tips and tricks for staying simple related to shopping? Share them in the comments below!

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