Minimalists or Essentialists? | Let’s Chat, S02 E06

Hi there! This week we reflect on minimalism and essentialism and realize that we are more essentialist than minimalist.

After looking around our home and Allyson talking with a friend we found that we mainly keep objects out of utility and not based on sentiment or joy inherent from the object. This means we are pretty much essentialists. What’s essential-ist/ism? For us we understand this to be only keeping the items necessary for daily life in our lives. We have few sentimental items and a number of them even serve purposes, like a box from Nepal that Allyson keeps world currency in and a small glass bowl we bought on our honeymoon that I keep computer storage devices in. Essentially, over 90% of our things we have serve some functional purpose.

Our way of essentialism/minimalism though should be remembered that it looks different from everyone elses’ as we are all different people from different walks of life. So please don’t generalize or assume anything by these labels. However if you are curious about how we live, please subscribe, comment and join in the conversation.

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