ALEX Desk Update | Let’s Chat, S02 E05

Happy Sunday! This week we’d thought we do something a little different and offer an update on my ALEX desk unit from IKEA that we had picked it up and built on our YouTube channel over a year ago.

Overall, you could say we aren’t too pleased with the desk, considering we spent around $180 USD on this item. This finish is deteriorating all over the top, including the edges, which is extremely disappointing. At first I had attributed the damage to our cats, Leo and Lev, but they really don’t jump onto my desk…ever. The wear on the top is just general wear from, I guess, the piece just being in existence. It makes me wonder how often they get switched out on the showroom floor…

I’m really questioning the quality products IKEA offers. We haven’t purchased from every department, but we have purchased items from most departments; everything seems to deteriorate rather quickly (except for that nightstand I got my concussion from…that thing is built to stand the test of time).

At any rate, if you’re interested in viewing product information on IKEA’s website, click here.

Hope you find this helpful! Oh, and if you’ve had a positive/negative experience with this unit, please leave a comment on our video so other viewers can know about your experience! We’re really hoping we just have bad luck… Thanks!

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