Our Weight Loss Journey | Week 004

Since we’ve bought our new scale my confidence has somewhat taken a nose-dive. Our old scale weighed in a few pounds lighter than what we actually were. So there was that, but Trevor and myself did learn a lot about our bodies this week.



It’s really amazing actually, but I retain weight for 24 hours after consuming wheat gluten. I never even knew this was a thing our bodies did, or at least that mine did! I also learned that I can consume about a tablespoon of shredded cheese and not have pain.

This leads me to the next thing that I learned this week: be appreciative of how accommodating restaurants can be. Eating out vegan in a very non-vegan area is hard, but there are ways for me to order food while out. Of course, my order isn’t always perfect and I choose to not be a difficult patron rather than be difficult. I place my order and if its not totally right, I don’t sweat it. Instead I just do my best to eat around, or remove, things when possible. I accept whatever hospitality they’ve provided.

As far as food goes, I ate very well the majority of the week. Today was a different story. We ate out several times and I found myself craving foods higher in fat the more walking I did (about 10,000 steps). I need to break that mentality that I need fat for energy, because it just isn’t true. ONLY carbs are usable for energy, so I should have a few pieces of fruit when I start feeling sluggish. Hopefully I’ll make progress in this arena next week.

Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 218.6 lbs


This past week I realized that I can now feel the difference from eating fresh foods and eating out. If I eat too much pre-made pre-processed foods I feel sluggish and, according to our new scale, I gain more weight for the day. I did have a few relapses and had a few sodas at the end of the week but I plan to cut back again on all non-nutritious foods as they make me feel too sluggish and tired. Happy to see that so far I have lost 1.9lbs since my first weight in last Sunday. Really glad that the app and scale sync to make tracking this progress so simple. Will certainly be trying harder this next week to eat better!

Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 218.9 lbs

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