Simple Planning | February 2017

The end of the month is my favorite time of the month as I get to set-up the calendar for the following month in my planner. Am I obsessed? Do I have a problem? Eh, whatever. Let’s talk planners!

I’ve decided I’m going to talk about my planner once a month on the blog to document how I use it and how it changes. I didn’t really use my planner in January, which I found a little sad. When I did use it I found myself removing the pages fro my Filofax in order to write on them. Then I realized, after all this time, that the rings were why I didn’t like the Filofax.

That’s it! THE RINGS! Why didn’t I think of that before? Well, I hadn’t been trying to use my planner regularly enough to notice, I think. After talking it over with Trevor, I came to the conclusion that I should try to force it anymore, and picked up a Moleskine notebook (click here for product information on

So far I’m really happy with it, and I use it as a journal and a planner most every day since I’ve gotten it. It makes me smile to see it, instead of feeling guilty; I’m excited to use it. This was the notebook I’ve been looking for!

As for actually planning February, I’ve made a video detailing the monthly spread and how I use my planner on a weekly/daily basis. It flows fairly organically, that I can use more or less space as I need to. This means I can’t do layouts too far in advance, as I refuse to waste space, but that’s really what the “Future Log” is for. Mine is located in the very back of my planner, so I know right where it is and can quickly flip to it without needing page numbers or an index. All that stuff was too fussy for me…

Anyway, thanks for joining me this month and I hope this was helpful, or brought you a little inspiration for your own planner! Check back monthly for planning content from me!

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