Our Weight Loss Journey | Week 003

This past week was kind of a big deal for us in that we discovered how to shop for produce cheaply in our area. We live in a rural community, with no markets or co-ops to purchase produce from, and the grocery stores in the area don’t offer a discount for ordering produce in bulk. I was at the end of my rope, as we were spending about $150 a week on food until last week, but no more!

Being mostly raw vegan, I buy a lot of produce. I mean a lot of produce. I’m the crazy woman shopping only the produce, then taking  a cartful to the register. That’s me now. Shopping this way is super pricey shopping at my local stores, so I’d done a little research online. “Find a co-op, or a farmer’s market” they said. “Ask for a bulk discount!” they said. I searched for a few hours to find a co-op in my area, to no avail. The farmer’s market here runs from May to October, so I’m out of luck there. My only other option was to seek a bulk discount from my local grocers, which was met with laughter.

Discouraged, I did was any young woman would do: I called my mother. She asked around for me and it turns out there’s an Aldi 22 miles away. This place was recommended by one of Trevor’s co-workers as well (turns out some of my other family members sho Aldi, too). There’s also a “Surplus Outlet” which sells discounted goods, on the way there. I was assured the produce would be at great prices, so I headed down. I spent about $85 on produce I would have paid double for at the grocery store. I was blown away, and fully converted, that day.


I’m eating two raw-vegan meals a day, and one cooked meal in the evening that I don’t really look forward to, if I’m honest. I really enjoy eating raw foods right now. There’s something about the freshness and crunch of a fresh bell pepper, or carrot, or cabbage, or grape, or apple, or whatever, that I absolutely crave. I’ve heard that that is what happens when you start to eat this way, that your body begins to only crave healthy foods, and I can attest to that. I’ve been officially transformed in week 3.

I haven’t been adding processed salt, or sugar, to anything I eat. It’s really liberating to not be seasoning my food. With fresh fruits and veg, the flavor is already there and I’m not cooking the food to remove any of its natural taste.

Weight: 215 lbs


I have similar feelings to raw or fresh food as Allyson does. I look forward to eating vegetables twice a day and although not as exciting as say a fancy dinner I still get as excited for meals as I did when we would go out for dinner. I still find myself energized after eating instead of feeling lethargic and overall feel better. I haven’t had any soda this past week and even no longer add sugar to my black tea. My sugary addiction must be fading as I haven’t craved soda at all. I did have some cake though and I have to say it only left me feeling unwell after eating a large chunk of it. Sure it tasted good, but I can feel it now that my body isn’t a fan of the empty calories and sugar. Not to say that after eating it I didn’t want more, but I certainly can’t unless I want to feel unwell. I knew sugar was addictive, but I didn’t think I looked past these feelings in the past. No wonder I feel better if cutting out a lot of extra sugar means I am not in a constant state of ill being.

Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 218 lbs

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