Our Weight Loss Journey | Week 002

Well it’s the end of our second week of diet changes and, I am happy to report, we both lost weight! Trevor and I are weighing ourselves on an analog scale, and we’ll be picking up a fancier scale sometime in the next week (along with a tape measure so I can provide some measurements! I lost my old one in a tragic sewing accident…R.I.P. old tape measure…)

Week 2

But yes! Within a week Trevor and I lost 4lb total…from just eating better and listening to our bodies. I’m very hopeful that we can keep this trend up in subsequent weeks; that would be absolutely amazing! I am, well aware, that increased physical activity would make losing fat go way faster and that’s something I plan to begin infusing into my lifestyle. I’m not talking a crazy workout schedule, just something very small and subtle to create a routine.

Better yet, I’m really trying to infuse healthier lifestyle habits into our daily happenings. Like taking breaks from working to walk around, parking 4-5 blocks away from the restaurant we visit once a week for a little stroll before and after dinner and going “shopping” on the weekend just to walk around for half the day (since it’s currently 20F outside!).

This mindset has really been ingrained into my brain via High Carb Hanna and Mimi Ikonn. I’m slowly starting to adapt my routine and infuse it with little things, and healthier choices, that I end up with more movement in my daily life.

How Allyson Feels

Although I feel hungry fairly frequently throughout the day, I’ve finally understand how much food I need to eat in order to feel full. I used to think I needed to consume a certain number of calories for a snack, or meal, but that’s not really the case for me. I’ve stopped worrying about caloric intake and have started worrying about what I’m putting in my body. Most days of the week I make lunch and dinner in our rice cooker, which is such a gift. I just throw everything in there, turn it on, keep working, and when the bells chime food is ready!

I do need to work more vegetables into my diet instead of relying on grains (oats and rice) for filling me up and carbs. I’d really like to do this by having salad/fresh veg sushi for lunch, and than starting dinner with a salad. Let’s see how it goes!

Weight: 218lbs
Height: 5’7″

How Trevor Feels

As I am now eating more nutrient packed meals I feel less of a need to snack and find myself only wanting to out of boredom. I also noticed that my skin feels a lot better(softer and less dry) even now in the middle of winter when I would normally have my hands and arms dry out. So it seems the increase in vegetables are helping something as no other changes were made. I still have sugar cravings every few days where I go really go for a soda. I did end up treating myself to one yesterday, but hadn’t had any other soda since last Sunday. Eventually I think this will stop especially as I trade those sugar cravings for lower doses as I did with lightly sweetened tea earlier this week. I find myself drinking mostly tea and occasionally coffee now (both unsweetened). I should probably also move to drink more plain water, but unsweetened teas are still a much healthier choice than what I would consume before. Im very happy to have moved over to unsweetened drinks, that is probably one of the larger items that helped me lose some of the weight in the past week.

Weight: 220lbs
Height: 5’10”

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