Removing Negativity | Let’s Chat, S02 E02

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s Let’s Chat day and we thought we’d talk about removing negativity for this week’s Let’s Chat video. There’s been a huge improvement in our mood since we started doing these things and we hope that you’ll find benefit as well!

So this week’s subject is a tad touchy as I’ve been suffering from melancholia and depression for the majority of my life; this is really the root of my desire to live more positively as, I believe, in order to live a more positive and happy life you have to do the work yourself. I’m currently the happiest I’ve been, ever. My situation hasn’t changed, I don’t take medicines, I’m just working on myself from the inside out and reducing the outside influences that are negative.

With that aside, let’s get into this!

The first way we’ve gone about reducing negative influence is to stop paying attention to news and media outlets, and this certainly isn’t easy to do. It’s well worth it once you commit. Don’t worry about not knowing current events, or anything; those around you will be eager to tell you when there’s big things going on. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be informed when it’s relevant to do so! There’s a big difference between ignoring emotionally skewed news stories and researching the facts on, say, a presidential candidate’s views and character. Ignoring most of the news doesn’t make us blissfully unaware, but rather selectively affected. Doing this has been such an influence on my overall happiness as I’m not bogged down from every little story. Rather, I can appropriately react to the stories that deserve it.

Not watching TV is the second thing we do to reduce negative influences to our brain. Louis CK said in a sketch once that TV is just “anger and color” and we’ve found that to be incredibly true! A fun social experiment is to not watch TV for a week, or two, and then come into contact with it again. We find when a TV is on, we can’t focus on anything but the TV. I often insist the TV is shut off for family get-together’s as it’s just impossible to listen to conversation and try to ignore the TV at the same time.

Third, we’re really making it a point to buy items of quality. We’ve been Stingy? Uneducated. We’ve been fairly uneducated about shopping in the past and have picked up some fairly lousy items. From futons to dishes, we’ve made plenty of mistakes. Remember that it isn’t necessarily about spending the most money possible, but about doing market research to find something you can afford (or save up for) that will last as long as you’d like it to. Buying quality reduces a lot of agitation in the household, which I’ve found incredible, and it’s a simple way to inject a little more peace into your daily existence. All those little things add up…

Being mindful of language and energy is the most difficult thing to do on this list, but I think it makes the biggest impact. You attract what you dish out, so being a positive and polite person while you’re out-and-about will have a profound impact on your personal life.

I hope these ideas help you find a little happiness for yourself!

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