Minimalism: Don’t Store Unusable Items

Sometimes when an item no longer works for you or was a bad fit from the beginning we cast it aside when a new solution is available. However it’s best to ensure that you don’t hold on to the old item after it’s usefulness has past.

We probably all have done it. You know, purchased something to solve a problem only to find it didn’t work to then replace it at a later date with something better. However what did you do with that first item? Did you keep it for a rainy day? Toss it in a junk drawer? Stash it out of sight to deal with later? Well the correct answer is to remove it from your life.

Don’t Store It

If something was unusable once, it probably wont be usable again to you in the future, so the best answer is to rid yourself it as soon as possible. Doing so has a two main positive effects.

Age Value

Some things don’t retain their value as they age. Anything with a design style will eventually look dated. Any item that will get fragile or degrade even without use will lose value. Anything that is pop culture will usually decrease in value. By removing an item as soon as you know it no longer serves you a purpose you can help get maximum value back to you by selling it, or donate it so someone else can get use out of that item for it’s remaining life.

Physical/Mental Clutter

Physical clutter is mental clutter. Ensuring you are only taking the time and energy to store and keep track of items you need/use/value means you will be less stressed. Probably in more ways than one. Keeping a number of somethings in a drawer for later use will probably only cause stress as you will have to sort past it to find your other things. It’s not a big deal if it’s one item, but when that one item becomes a drawer or bucket of things it quickly becomes a chore sorting through the valuable items you actually need and sorting past the items that weren’t useful in the first place.

So next time you find you no longer need something, take the extra time to remove it from your life to ensure you can help that object achieve it’s maximum value to you and someone else while also reducing your clutter and stress.

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