Maria Storgaard’s Minimal Capsule Wardrobe

GoDownsize, with Maria and Morten Storgaard, has been one of my favorite YouTube channels for the past couple years, but I actually found the channel through their travel channel, One Girl One Suitcase. Maria has been such a light a positive influence on my clothing, I had to share.

Maria and I have fairly similar style, but our closets couldn’t be more different. First of all, there’s the overall structure; I’m so envious of that closet. Mine has two giant shelves up top that are impossible to reach and are wasted space, and empty space below the hanging rod that we use to store our hamper and dirty clothing. Maria’s got drawers that she shares with her husband. For sure when Trevor and I have the power to renovate a closet, or construct one, we’ll be using a European design.

In this video, Maria stresses the mix-and-matchability of a minimalist wardrobe that consists of 33 pieces. Really that element should be something we all strive for, but it is vital for the success of a tiny wardrobe; most, if not all, of your tops should be able to be paired with all of your bottoms.

Another thing Maria emphasized was the importance of having pieces that can be worn multiple ways. She has a dress that can be dressy, or sporty, depending on the belt used and it’s location on her torso. The dress is cut in a way that you can use a belt to give it accent with a high waist, a regular waist, or a drop-waist. Finding multi-functional pieces is something I truly struggle with. I have such a hard time thinking that way when shopping for clothes, but I’m trying to work on it. Maria admits her multi-function clothes aren’t super advanced, but I feel they are creative enough that those pieces add a lot of use to her clothes.

I hope you find Maria as inspirational as I do! She and Morten are so lovely, so be sure to check out their channel!

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