Stuff Requires Even More Stuff

Have you ever realized how much stuff your stuff needs?

Stuff Needs Stuff

No, seriously. How much stuff does your stuff need? As you may or may not know, we recently got rid of our TV and I was then able to see I no longer needed a whole host of other things. It turns out, stuff needs more stuff and this can become a dangerous cycle. I will run through the TV example, but I have found the similar case with my PC as well as kitchen items and pretty much all over our home. Our stuff can use more stuff, and we at one time kept it all for that hypothetical or rare use that honestly wasn’t that important anyway.

So, first off, I don’t have a problem with stuff. I only have a problem with stuff that serves little purpose and clutters up my space. I am sure many of you would agree to that. No one really loves to be knee deep in clutter or have so many things that all you see is visual noise through out your living space. The point of this article will be to hopefully illustrate where stuff can go bad, and require more stuff, and that may even in turn require more stuff. If you ever bought an organizer or storage tub, guess what? You bought stuff for your stuff. See how that happens? This isn’t to say that storage tubs are bad or even devices to help keep your organized, but usually we purchase these things to make more space for stuff or to store things that are rarely used. As minimalists, we personally strive to only keep around what we use regularly so we have found all sorts of extra stuff that belonged to well, our other stuff.

Example: The TV

Let’s take the TV as a perfect example of an object that tends to gather more objects. So you have your TV, but what will it sit on? Rarely it’s the floor, so let’s have a TV stand. Oh, but you don’t watch free programming over the air, so you need a cablebox/satellite dish/streaming device. Hey, but movies are nice, so lets toss in a DVD/Blu-ray player, and that collection of DVD’s. Hey, those DVD’s don’t stay stacked well, let’s get a storage unit for them to organize them. Anyone play videogames? Add a console or two. And hey, you have friends over, so let’s get a few extra controlers. Oh and rechargable battery packs and their custom charger. And games… wait this list is getting a bit long, so let’s just switch to an easy to read format.

  1. TV
    1. Wall mount
    2. Stand/Cabinet(even if wall mounted you need a space for the stuff below!)
    3. Cable Box/Satellite dish & hardware/ one or more streaming device(Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, Apple TV)
    4. DVD Player
      1. Collection of DVDs
        1. Organizer for DVDs
      2. Cables for the player to connect to your TV
    5. Blu-Ray Player
      1. Collection of Blu-Rays
        1. Another Organizer for Blu-Rays
      2. Cables for the player to connect to your TV
    6. Game Console (Ok, so maybe this is your DVD/Blu-Ray Player)
      1. Collection of Games
        1. Organizer for Games
      2. Controllers
      3. Cables to Charge Controllers
      4. Cables for the player to connect to your TV
    7. Input Hub to allow all those devices to use your TV
    8. Backlight for the TV
    9. Sound System
      1. Soundbar / Surround Sound and the cables and things to run them to their necessary positions
    10. Universal Remote/Remote Organizer or maybe both!
    11. Couch/Chairs/Pillows (to be more comfortable while using all of this) and when you have guests over to show them your now massive media center
    12. Power strip (or multiple for all the devices hooked up)

As you can see this list got rather large rather quickly. Do you need all these things? No. Do most people have all these things? No, but I have seen many of my friends and family expand their TV set ups with these kinds of items and those who may like TV may find themselves working up to a whole home theater set up. The point of this list is to show how the simple idea of watching some TV or movies can equal an expensive and ballooning collection of items that go along with it if you want just one more thing, or that one other item to make things better. I had a lot of this previously and it started out as a simple TV on a coffee table and turned into an entire media center. I stopped using it and realized how much I had invested into it and no longer needed.

Now, take a look at your TV set up. Anything you don’t really need? Now look at the rest of your space. Did you buy that blanket because you needed it or because it looked good with your coffee table? How about a shoe rack and extra shoe organizer as you have a variety of shoes but only wear the same three pair except on rare/special occasion. Is it possible to make it through those special occasions without those items you need? Maybe you and your stuff don’t actually need those items then.

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