I’ve been living in my ’16 Fall Wardrobe for two months now and there have been quite a few changes, which means its high time for another update. In my 1-Month update, I had mentioned a few things that I’ll be addressing today.



A key subject in clothing and wardrobes is laundering them. I use a home-made laundry powder that I find get’s my clothes cleaner than a store-bought version and end up washing my clothes once a week. This includes Trevor’s personal wardrobe, work wardrobe, undergarments, towels and bedding. Everything gets washed once a week. Now, I do spread that out a little so an entire day isn’t devoted to laundry, but…you get the idea.

Here’s when I washed clothing and undergarments:

  • 10/03, washed all clothing so I could keep track of how often I was doing laundry for the month of October.
  • 10/10, washed all clothing.
  • 10/20, washed all clothing for a trip.
  • 10/24, washed purchased clothing.



For the month of October, I did utilize a tracker in my bullet journal. I missed one day, but it worked fairly well!


It’s been WAY too hot for my navy sweater. Haven’t worn that. It’s really cooled down, so I anticipate that’ll be something I reach for often.

Moving Forward

First of all, I came to the understanding that I needed more underwear and bralettes. 10/06 I picked some up and I feel like I am ready for anything life can throw at me. I’m not really happy with what I picked up (get underwear for as cheap as possible was the name of the game), but it’ll work for now.


That grey zip-sweater I never wore? I forced myself to wear it twice and realized why I don’t like it: fit. So, Trevor tried it on to see if he liked it (it is a men’s sweater) and it’s officially been moved to his side of the closet for winter wear. That’s one of the greatest benefits of me wearing and purchasing men’s clothes, is the ability to share clothing with Trevor as we grow in and out of styles.

I also ditched my multi-colored flannel and loose blue top.



Since I’ve taken two things out, I get to put two things in. My picks are a blue men’s henley, long sleeved, and a black men’s turtle neck. Both of these items are things I already owned, and I think they’ll be keeping me super toasty as the weather cools off.

I’d finally become too fed-up with the fit of my jeans and bottoms, they were all about 2-inches too short, and picked up three new pairs of jeans at Old Navy. Two pairs of skinny jeans and one pair of straight-leg jeans have happily made their way into my wardrobe. While there, I also picked up new socks to replace my previous ones (three pairs of worn-out athletic socks). I did a little better and snagged 8 pairs.

Lots of changes this month with my clothes, but I think y wardrobe is in a much happier place for it.

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