2016 Capsule Wardrobe: Trevor’s Every Day Wardrobe

Let’s talk about mandrobes. I mean wardrobes… , for dudes.

So I don’t really see a lot of articles that talk about men’s style and wardrobes online, however maybe that’s because I don’t really seek them out. Either way I wanted to share what I wear in hopes of inspiring some of you out there with how to organize and manage your own clothes. This was mostly inspired by Ally’s post  which you can check out here. Essentially this post will mirror hers so if you are in a relationship like we are you can easily compare and contrast our two completely different approaches we have to managing our clothes while also using a similar mindset. Make sense? No probably not, but maybe it will if you read both. So feel free to check hers out.

2016 Everyday Wardrobe

Ok, so enough words, below is a video of my everyday/all year long wardrobe. Highlights are called out below.

As you can see from the video, I don’t have too many items with the list count at 23. I like to buy based on a modern classic style and don’t really buy based on any specifics other than aesthetic. For a detailed description of how I came to my style you can check out my other post here: How I Found My Style Through Minimalism. Essentially I live with a capsule wardrobe all year long as I love mix and match with layers. It’s pretty amazing to not have to pull clothing in and out of storage every year and I plan on keeping my wardrobe always this slim.

If you have been following us for a little while you may have noticed I don’t have office clothes for my day job included. Don’t worry. They are their own grouping of only dress slacks and button up shirts. If you stick around you should see a post about my work wardrobe here in the future as well. So please stay tuned.

With that here is the full list of clothing items for everyday wear.

Clothing List (23 items)

  • Marbled V-Neck: Target
  • Blue Speckled Tee: Target
  • Blue Tee: JC Penny
  • Halo UNSC Top: Hot Topic
  • Zelda Hylian Shield Tee: Hot Topic
  • Enderman Tee: Hot Topic
  • Orange and Blue Raglan: Old Navy
  • Grey Raglan: Old Navy
  • Blue and Red Raglan: Target
  • White and Red Raglan: Target
  • Jeans: JC Penny
  • Pink and Blue Plaid Button-Up: Old Navy
  • Green Plaid Flannel Button-Up: Old Navy
  • Red Zip Hoodie: Old Navy
  • Blue Zip Hoodie: Old Navy
  • Maroon Zip Hoodie: Old Navy
  • Maroon Hoodie: Target
  • Navy Pull-Over: Old Navy
  • Belt: Old Navy
  • Wallet: Hammer Anvil – Amazon (click here to check out my review.)
  • Sneakers: New Balance – Forget, but can be found everywhere where I live
  • Grey Tennis Shoes: Target
  • Boots: Walmart

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