2016 Fall Capsule Wardrobe: 1-Month Update

I shared my fall capsule wardrobe a few weeks ago, and wanted to give a little update as to how it was going. I’ve never dealt with a wardrobe this small and I’m literally wearing the same few items, so I thought talking about my experience would be helpful for others considering trying such a small wardrobe on for size (pun intended), as well as for my own learning experience.

If you’re curious in seeing the item’s in my wardrobe you can reference my blog post, or this fancy video! “Fancy” being subjective, of course.

While the video is fairly all-inclusive, there are a few things that have happened since I shot it. If you want a little more in-depth knowledge of my plan and changes, keep reading! Also, reference links are at the bottom of the post. PLEASE watch Jennifer’s TedX talk if you have the time and need some inspiration.

My Game-Plan


The shorts have officially gone back into storage. I filmed the video in a pair of shorts, but by lunch time it was too cold to stand. On with the jeans!


My black tank has been safely stored in summer storage, as I’d prefer to not keep reaching for it as an undershirt. I have undergarments for that purpose, and I’d rather not wear out my perfectly good tank top by wearing it as an undershirt; I’ll wear it in the summer on its own. I replaced this item with a white v-neck tee.

The blue top from Gap? Donated and replaced in my wardrobe with a blue v-neck tee.

Black and white flannel stayed in my wardrobe, but the bright blue one was kicked out. Since I wore it so much in the spring, I moved it into storage with my spring/summer clothes to see if I’d like to wear it again in those seasons. Who knows! What I do know is, I’ve replaced it with one of those pull-over sweatshirts. The blue one, to be exact.

I will be forcing myself to wear that grey and black zip come 10/01, and will try to pay close attention as to how it makes me feel. There’s no way of knowing where that will go, but I really hope I enjoy wearing it, because the stitching is so great on it.

I added the grey pull-over to my wardrobe anyway…because I love how it makes me feel when I’m wearing it, and that’s the point…not to fall into a strict number of items, but to love wearing what you have to wear and wearing all of what you have.


Those nude flip-flops looked fairly worn and gross, so after the video I tossed them.


That Anne Klein bag? I’ve set it aside to be reviewed for sale. I did pull out the wallet and have switched to using that one for a little while to give my Matt & Nat wallet some rest.


Jennifer L. Scott’s Website

The Daily Connoisseur

Jennifer’s TedX Talk

My Post on Downsizing Your Wardrobe




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