Corsair AF120 Quiet Edition in Purple: Unboxing and Information

I recently purchased some new fans for in my home server and PC. Did you know there is more than one kind of fan? I explain this as I unbox my new Corsair AF120’s with Purple LEDs.

Full video below!

Highlights from the video:

  • There are two main types of fans: AF and SP
    • AF – or Air Flow: designed to move large volumes of air over minimal obstructions
    • SP – or Static Pressure: designed to push air with higher pressure over and through obstructions(think HDD cages, coolers etc)
  • The AF120 can be quiet under 80% speed/voltage, but is loud when at full speed.
  • These fans are very purple. The aura shown in the video is accurate, however the fan colors are a bit overblown.
  • The LED’s are not as bright as blue which can be a huge plus if you regularly have your PC in a low light environment and find the blue lights piecing the darkness.
  • Build Quality is high and it has a premium feel. Each fan is well constructed.

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