Simple String Light Photo Display

I’m constantly looking for ways to make our bedroom more soft and relaxing. Our metal canopy bed is very demanding of the space and I try my best to down-play it in subtle and clean ways.

I’d wanted a way to display photos above the bed without frames, and thought a neat way to do it would be with string lights!


What You’ll Need

String Light Photo Display materials needed.

This project is SO easy and it’s dorm friendly as well!

  • photos of your choice
  • printed quotes, if desired
  • one 10-ft unit of string lights
  • tiny clothes pins (I got mine at Michael’s)
  • Hammer and nails (or small command hooks for those that cannot damage walls)


I started by hanging up the string lights in my desired style. Take some time to play with it before securing them to the walls and get a good feel for the look before you commit. I decided I wanted only one draped section, but you might like more.

Lights are hung!

From there, just clip on your photos! Play around with the order, spacing, and angles in order to create the visual interest you’re looking for–just do what feels right.

I think this quick decorative project would look super cute in a kid’s room as well.

The project is finished!

Who knows how long it’ll stay this way, but for now it gets the job done. I absolutely love having these on at night while I’m reading, or relaxing. Don’t worry, I made sure to get a set of lights that are on a timer in case I fall asleep with them on.

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