2016 Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are an amazing tool! Here’s what I’ll be wearing from September to November. Not pictured is one pair of jean shorts that I’ve have not been able to pack away as its been upwards of 80℉ the beginning of September–hopefully we’ll cool off to our normal temperatures soon. I miss jeans!

Some of the clothes are men’s wear, but I do really like the fit I get with “men’s” clothing. I personally strive for a more gender neutral wardrobe as well, with a few more feminine pieces tossed in.

Now, this is only my everyday wardrobe for fall. I have other clothes for other seasons, as well as some dresses, just to be clear. These are the clothes I’ll be living in every day for fall, as well as the clothes I’ll be wearing in our YouTube videos.

Fall ’16 Wardrobe

As you can see I love black, grey, and navy blue. This year I thought I’d spice things up with a green t-shirt. I also have a hand-me-down bright plaid flannel, that I’m sure you’ve seen me wear before.

I hope this post, and me living in 10 items in clothing for three months, inspires you to go through your everyday wear and limit your choices this season. Your wallet, closet, and precious time will thank you for it!

Clothing List

  • Grey + Green v-necks (mens): JC Penny
  • Black Jeans(womens): Gap
  • Grey Jeggings(womens): Walmart
  • Black/White Flannel(womens): Walmart
  • Bright Flannel(womens): Old Navy hand-me-down
  • Navy top (womens): Gap
  • tank (womens): Walmart
  • Navy sweater (mens): Target
  • Grey zip-up (mens): Kohl’s

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