Laptop Swag

I’ve never really had a large budget to work with when it came to PCs/laptops and the gear that goes along with them, but I’ve been able to find tried and true accessories that are reliable and have aged well for me. Hopefully they’ll work well for you guys, too!

Logitech M317


This mouse has been a part of my life for several years now, and its still going strong. It connects so quickly and is compatible with almost anything. It’s wireless and connects via USB, so it does take a port, but I find it is well worth it. It does run off of one AA-battery, but we use the Amazon Basics batteries so they last a long time and are rechargeable. One battery lasts me a few months.

Logitech offers a lot of color and pattern variety for this mouse, so take your time shopping around and be sure you see all your options! Mine is in the color “Solar Flare” and I still think it’s super cute! Be aware that over time the rubber on the side of the mouse will start to yellow, but better that than my track pad wearing.

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Shutterfly Photo Collage Mouse Pad


Definitely don’t overpay for this item and wait until there is a sale, or you have a coupon code. While the quality is good and this mousepad has held up to daily use for four years, it has yellowed and the edges have just begun to fray. I’ve always been happy with the products I’ve received from Shutterfly (we aren’t sponsored), and this mousepad is no exception to that.

To view product information on, click here.

GMYLE White Marble Keyboard Decals


After using my Macbook for a bit, there started to be an area on the trackpad that was…buffed? Smooth? Shiny? I got very upset, and immediately looked for ways to protect it from future damage. Enter this guy.

This marble decal works wonders AND still allows the trackpad to me usable. I was so thrilled when  discovered that, and highly recommend you give this product a try. Is a sticker for ever single key necessary? No, but it sure is adorable…

To view product information on, click here.

iBenzer Plastic Hard Case and Keyboard Cover


This case is an awesome case. The plastic is frosted, which gives a touch of color without being overly committed to it, which is great for people like me that believe navy is a “pop” of color.


The gel keyboard cover that comes with it is incredibly cheap–some of the letters are wearing on on mine. However, it gets the job done and I definitely don’t hate it. I feel it does a good enough job for daily use, that its worth looking into.

To view product information on, click here.

Sandisk Cruzer Micro 8GB Jump Drive


This jump drive has been rollin’ with me since I started college in 2007 (yikes!), and has never let me down. The love I have for is is quite real. My laptop went with me to classes once we were allowed to do that in 2010, but before that I threw projects as needed on this little guy to load on the school’s computer. I also used it to back-up my old laptop as I only had about 6GB of data back then.

The USB connector is retractable! When I found this, I remember thinking it was incredible, and I still do. A retractable connector means you can toss it in your backpack and not worry about the connector getting bent, which is amazing. It comes on a key ring, so you can easily slide on your school ID and dorm key.

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PNY 64GB USB 3.0


Trevor picked this up for me a few years ago, but thing thing is heavy duty. I currently use it to store work projects, photos, and video footage, as they take up a lot of space on my Mac; space I’d prefer to have free.

One negative to note is, this this is advertised as having an “integrated cap holder means no more lost caps”. My integrated cap holder is junk, and my cap cracked at the seam. I don’t recommend using it, although Trevor doesn’t have the same issue with his.

To view product information on, click here.

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