Creating an Inviting Bed

Earlier this week I shared a photo of our finished bed on Instagram and it was received fairly well! As promised, I’ll be sharing how I jazzed it up in today’s blog post.

Bed Linens

I like to focus most of my energy on linens as I feel they are the largest influence to the atmosphere of a bedroom. The right linens can make your room feel cozy, where as the wrong ones will make it feel cold and stuffy. I tend to focus less on color and more on textures; I don’t really believe the colors of bed linens add anything to the space and it’s the textures and detailing of the fabrics that have the greatest impact.

With this being my philosophy, white linens are the best choice as they allow you to see the different textures the easiest. White is easier to care for, in my opinion, and brightens up any space.


For our sheets, we use plain white organic sheets from Target. They’re gorgeous, but the hem at the top is falling apart after 6 months of use–I’m not entirely sure what we’ll replace them with at this point in time. If you’ve got any suggestions regarding organic bamboo sheets, let me know!

Crisp white sheets have a lot of benefits in terms of cleaning, but they are also beneficial to your head-space. I used to have terrible nightmares and would sleep very poorly, but I’ve found that since we’ve switched to white sheets I’ve had better sleep and more positivity. Call me crazy, but I’ve asked around and found a few other people that agree with me. Who knows!

Blankets and Comforters

For the summer time we’ve got an awesome woven cotton blanket by Lauren Ralph Lauren in white. It’s light, but keeps you from getting too cool at night. You can view product information on

For spring and fall we’ve got a grey bamboo blanket of unknown origin that is amazingly soft.

For winter, we sport a nice and fluffy down-alternative comforter/duvet (depending on where you are located) at Bonton for $30USD on Black Friday in 2011? 2012? It’s super old, but its holding up amazingly and is worth every cent! I recommend holding off to buy it when it goes below $30USD…because save money when you can!

Throw Pillows

Originally we had a pin-tucked pillow by Vera Wang on our bed, but that fell apart in the wash. I kept the form, picked out a fabric from our local fabric store, and made an envelope pillow case for it myself.


So this is the star of the show, right? The thing that caught your attention? When hung well, drapery on a canopy elevates your space and creates effortlessly elegant look! Be sure to have an open mind when doing this in your own space, and look beyond the obvious methods of drapery on a canopy frame.

I got some ideas off Pinterest before buying fabric, and ended up liking a pin that had drapery on the left side of the bed only. From there I found white cotton broadcloth at out local Walmart for $2USD a yard–I bought 8 2/3 yards. Trevor ended up thinking the fabric on one side looked unbalanced, so we scrapped the original plan fairly quickly.

After getting creative with the fabric and trying 5, or 6, different ways of draping it, we settled on the style you see in the photo: draped diagonally over the bed, then gently wrapped around the posts to soften the look of the metal frame.


Having a light hanging over your bed sounds super cool, but make sure you consider the safety risks before you pick out a light. We ended up using an LED light from IKEA, that has a plastic bulb. This way, if it falls, it won’t shatter everywhere.

Bulb: IKEA “NITTIO” LED bulb E26
Chord: IKEA “SEKOND” chord

Consider your personal style and all that jazz, but don’t place too much pressure on yourself to get something impressive. You don’t want the light to outweigh your canopy bed, right? The focal point of our room is the bed and everything else is, truly, an accent.

Especially if you have drapery over the canopy frame, the light will give such a soft glow–its very relaxing in the evening in the warm light. I wouldn’t trade it!

Little Details

To finish up this explanation I’ll be talking about our nightstand in the car corner of the photo, as well as our curtains. Curtains first.


I don’t plan on keeping the ones we currently have forever. They were in the living room of our last apartment, and we don’t currently have a curtain rod to span the massive window this apartment has. The lights outside the bedroom windows bother be at night, long story short: its a temporary solution.

I’d like to get long and flowy curtains, but Leo and Lev would probably destroy them, so that’s not even on the table. Ultimately, we’ll probably be on the look-out for some blackout curtains that are white, or ivory, to keep the room monochromatic and up-lifting.

Side Table

Our side table is just a plain pine stool that has been re-purposed into a table. Thrifty!

On top of it is a vase with fake peonies, all of it from Walmart. In addition, we have my singing bowl, which I love. When I’m having a rough morning during the week and I need to calm down, I sit on the bed and play it to center myself.


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