How To Install: Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Looking to upgrade your media center but unsure how? Well this post will show you how. Literally! I purchased the Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount and will show you in video form how to install it.

So is this really your “Mounting Dream”? Surprisingly yes! This thing was a cinch to install. The hardest part I had was identifying and lining up the mount back plate with the crooked studs in our apartments wall of choice. It comes with a template to help you line up and drill your holes with minimal effort and comes with all the hardware you could need. All you need is a stud finder, level, power drill and perhaps a socket wrench if your drill isn’t up to drilling into your studs(like mine was [12v drill]).

All and all it’s a straight forward procedure and the instructions are very clear as to what you need for what your set up is. It couldn’t be easier unless it installed itself. Check out the video for the full tutorial! (Sorry for the low volume voice over 😓. I promise to speak louder next time!)

If you are interested in the product info/manual or Amazon product page, check out the links below.

Useful Links:

Manufacturer Product Page: MD2380 Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Manufacture Installation Instructions:  Manual for MD2380

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