Kitten Academy Patreon & New Litter

Three weeks ago I wrote a feature about Kitten Academy, a small kitten fostering program run by some incredible human beings out of an Illinois dining room. If you haven’t read it, I highly suggest you do as the academy is inspiring us to be better human beings…and is obviously adorable!

*featured image is a screenshot of Kitten Academy’s home page. Images there are property of Kitten Academy.

Live Stream Chat

The chat has been enabled for the Live Stream! I’m not sure for how long it was down, but you can now chat with people all over the world about the current cats enrolled at the academy.

Be sure to stop by and say hello to everyone! We pop on and off as time and scheduling allows. We hope to see you there!

Patreon Donation Option!

Links for Kitten Academy are littered through this post, but I wanted to be sure all our friends here were aware of their recent news. As of July 31st you are able to donate via Patreon to Kitten Academy, which is amazing! Here is their Patreon page.

Trevor and I have talked about it a few times, and we’ll more than likely be donating through Patreon’s portal when we are able to make a donation. I highly encourage you guys to check it out, at the very least, as there are plenty of cute photos of some of the kittens. The Headmaster for Kitten Academy has a similar sense of humor to us, so reading their profile is a fun time as well.

If you do decide to donate let them know you found them through us, and be sure to leave them a kind email if you can! We all need a little kindness.

Ivy’s League: 8/6 Litter

For those that don’t follow the live stream, the Academy took in a mom cat just in time for her delivery of three beautiful kittens: Harvard (male?), Cornell (female?), and Yale (female?). The sex of the kittens is yet to be determined, but will be updated as soon as they have been confirmed.

Be sure to check out the live stream by clicking here. Mr. Academy has a camera on Ivy and her kittens, so you can watch them any time you’d like.

Kitten Academy’s Links:

Live Stream

YouTube Channel




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