Kitten Academy Live Stream

I was working on a few posts for today, but none of them felt right to post. With everything that’s been happening in my life and the world, I’ve been feeling a little down…almost helpless to the violence globally and the personal sadness… Then I found Kitten Academy.

**I threw links for On Angel’s Wings and Kitten Academy throughout this post, so you can get to them regardless of where you are reading. The live stream is embedded at the end. NautilusMODE is not affiliated with Kitten Academy, or On Angel’s Wings, and we do not earn income off your live stream viewership; we’re just trying to help spread the word so these kittens can find forever families! #adoptdontshop **

Kitten Academy is an organization that temporarily fosters kittens for On Angel’s Wings in Crystal Lake, IL, that raises very young kittens until they are old enough to be adopted. The kittens “learn how to cat” in this small program run out of an Illinois home, and receive the care they need in order to grow into happy and healthy adoptable cats.

What’s so remarkable about the program is, they live stream 24/7. Forever. The live stream is not monetized, nor are any other videos that the channel throws up of the kittens playing and interacting with each other. They also do not get paid to foster the kittens.

Why Live Stream?

The 24/7 live stream on YouTube allows anyone from anywhere in the world to watch the kittens at any time of the day. On a computer/laptop you can rewind the live stream up to 4 hours, and on mobile you can rewind up to 1 hour.


Live streaming allows Kitten Academy to reach the broadest audience possible, giving these kittens the best chance possible at finding a loving and happy home.

Any time of day you can see the kittens being cared for, watch them play, watch them eat, or watch them curl up together for naps. I always smile within a few seconds of loading the live stream, as the kitten’s purrrrrsonalities translate well onto camera.

Tell Me About the Kittens

From what I understand, all the kittens at Kitten Academy are provided by On Angel’s Wings, and are relinquished back to that shelter program once they graduate for adoption. If you’re interested in adopting, contact On Angel’s Wings.

Kittens could have been abandoned and found outside (like our cat, Leo), or feral litters (like our cat, Lev), or dropped off to On Angel’s Wings shortly after birth.


Kitten Academy’s live stream is embedded below, but you can also click here to watch it on YouTube; it’s difficult to locate on YouTube with mobile devices, but it can be done!

If you feel so inclined, you can graciously donate to On Angel’s Wings by clicking here, and Kitten Academy by clicking here (their donations are in BETA). Again, NautilusMODE doesn’t get any compensation from your donation, or live stream viewership. We’re just invested in this cause and are trying to do what we can to raise awareness and spread the word. If someone hadn’t found and cared for our two cats before we got to them, they probably wouldn’t be alive today, especially Leo. Please consider supporting these organizations that are fighting for those that need it most.

Please spread the word about this program and share this live stream and/or Kitten Academy’s website on your social media!

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