DIY Sun Shade Post Update

One of our top posts in the summer is the DIY Sun Shade tutorial I wrote back in 2014. Well, I have recently remade my window shades and decided to record the process.

The process is pretty straight forward. No matter how you slice it, you are just cutting cardboard. 😉

  1. Measure your windows
  2. Cut cardboard to size
    • Assemble cardboard with tape if in pieces
  3. Wrap in foil with the shinier side out
    • Tape each edge as you go along for maximum durability
  4. Attache to window
    • This can be done with small nails, thumbtacks, tape etc. Whatever will adhear it and not damage your window frames.

The original post can be found here: Beat the Heat: DIY Window Sun Shade

Video below:

This does differ from the tutorial in my previous post. I used flanges this time to help keep it in place in the window without any adhesives or nails. I taped the scored edges to ensure they wouldn’t fall off.

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