Logitech Wave (K350 & M510): Tips and Tricks

The Logitech Wave is my favorite keyboard offering a slightly ergo curve to reduce pain in my wrists from RSI. However there are a few limitations and work arounds you should know to get the best experience with this keyboard.

Know your Special Keys

One of the key things any advanced user will need to master the non-alphanumeric keys. There are two functions that are only accessible using these key combos that are their own key on other keyboards. This would be the right mouse click (Fn + Print Screen) and Scroll Lock (Fn + Pause|Break).

Additionally there are a number of new functions that are available by default on this board. In Windows 10 the following keys are functional without any additional software needed: Mail, Music(opens Groove in Win 10), Media Center(same as Music), Calculator and Power(hibernation).

If you want to use all those fancy keys and function combinations as advertised though, you will need SetPoint. Logitechs software to give you easy access to getting things working and even customized.


A no nonsense installer is always appreciated. Yes it is only 3 steps.

If you would like to use all those keys or want to customize how your keyboard works, SetPoint is an incredibly simple solution to do so. The software is rather well designed and allows an array of customization options, from changing special key actions to even adding notifications for special key presses.

Customize Your Keyboard


As the main point of SetPoint is to allow customization and management to your device, there is a number of options available to remap keys with ease. Want to change the behavior of the media keys or function keys? This is the easiest way to do so. You can even disable to Lock keys (Caps, Num, Scroll) as well as the Windows key if you find yourself accidentally hitting it while gaming full screen and being thrown to the desktop. Everything is right at your fingertips for customization.

Customize Your Mouse


Similar to the Keyboard settings, here you can change what each button/click/scroll does. You may even learn of new functionality such as left and right scrolling inputs from pushing the mouse wheel side to side. I never had tried that but discovered it was an option through the software.


Visual notifications are aesthetically pleasing. In addition you can have the Windows ‘Alert’ sound play during these events.

If you are used to looking at LED’s to see the lock keys status (Caps, Num, Scroll) you may find yourself wanting with this keyboard. Assuming it was omitted to allow it’s mind blowing 3 year battery life(Yes the keyboard does last that long. I have used one almost daily for this length of time) it may be frustrating to know your keyboards status. Although not as easily readable as an LED, SetPoint can notify you of those keys changing as well as a hover over status in your System Tray(Windows). This can be rather handy, so if you are feeling the pain, be sure to download SetPoint.

The system tray notifications are very helpful if you want a quick status and don’t mind using the mouse to see it.

Additionally you can let it alert you via sound(Windows ‘Alert’ sound) for key status changes as well as alert you when batteries are getting low. All of these are very useful.


If you want to get the most out of the Logitech Wave and it’s M510 mouse you will certainly want to learn to use the function keys as well as install SetPoint. I avoided SetPoint in the past as my experience was more negative than positive. However the current version seems to have everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s a great way to streamline your work.

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