DHP Canopy Bed Build & Review

The week before Memorial Day we moved into our new apartment and ordered a bed frame for our new place. I went with this model on Wayfair.com by DHP.

Trevor and I filmed our review for you guys, which took a bit of time to do. We’ve been doing some traveling and are still trying to get our apartment in order, which has been fairly exhausting. We also started playing Twilight Princess together, the original release from 2006, which has its own toll on your brain. For example, Trevor spent 30 minutes fishing on Lake Hyrule in a canoe while I was going out of my mind…

This product is on Amazon.com, but it is cheaper on Wayfair. You can click here to view Amazon.com product information.

Buying the Bed Frame

As mentioned, we bought the bed frame off Wayfair.com. I’d never used the service before and was a little skeptical of it at first, as I didn’t personally know anyone that had ordered from there before. Ordering was simple, but you are forced to make an account.

Aside from the obvious reasons they force you to create an account for, it can be slightly beneficial for you as well. They have a list feature, where you can save items you are interested in within your own categories. So, if you’re redoing your living room you can group all the items you’d like and see how they work together. If you’re looking for a lamp you can group several lamps together and compare them at your leisure.

Anyway, we picked up the bed frame for around $171US and it dropped in price within a day, or two. I messaged customer service who said they’d be able to adjust the price. A few minutes later, I was told that an adjustment wouldn’t be possible as the item was an “Event Item.” Instead, I would get a 15% coupon for my next order.

I asked for the policy and reviewed it carefully. Nowhere was the term “Event Item” and the policy that stated an adjustment wouldn’t be made. Eventually I was told I would get the adjustment, but it would be a one-time adjustment. We also got an additional percentage off, which was super nice of them to do for me!

A few days later I checked up on that coupon–it was still active! So, I could have gotten 15% off a purchase, if I had made one. I contemplated picking up a rug for the living room, or a sweet cat tower for Leo and Lev, but we hadn’t really budgeted for another big purchase at that time. We ended up not using the coupon.

Overall, I was pleased with my shopping experience with Wayfair. I definitely don’t appreciate being forced to make an account with them, and will probably close mine after we get the remaining pieces off our wish list. I can’t say wether, or not, we’d buy from Wayfair again…as you know we like IKEA…but I wouldn’t rule it out as a viable option.

Building the Bed Frame

The bed frame came by FedEx, who had felt the need to throw the box into the entryway and not knock on my door to let me know it was there. I was SUPER upset about this as we’ve gotten a few things delivered by FedEx in the past and they were very polite, helping with heavier items in the past and always at least letting me know a package had arrived. Trevor thinks they just didn’t want to help carry it up to our second floor apartment, further evidenced by the fact that we got the package at 9:30AM, but it wasn’t marked “dropped off” until 8PM.

I needed a knife to open the box, and it took me 30 minutes to carry all the individual pieces into our place. It wasn’t bad at all, other than some of the pieces are rather long, which makes them a little awkward to carry.

That night we filmed a time-lapse of building the bed. In total, it took us over 2 hours to build, but we were in and out of the room to feed the cats and grab tools. Everything goes together very easily and we found the instructions to be very simple to understand. The booklet makes the task seem daunting, but it really isn’t a bad build at all.

Do be careful when screwing and sliding things into place as its metal on metal, and the paint will flake off. We don’t think we scratched our bed frame, but it seems easy to do. Be careful!

UPDATE 2016/09/27:

We had a question on our YouTube video about using an air mattress on the frame and referenced plastic connector pieces in our response.


These things are fairly easy to snap on, but do be careful as I had pinched my hand (and broke the skin) pushing them onto the rungs. They help keep the rungs spaced properly and prevent the rungs from shifting while you’re in the bed.

The Bed Frame Review

I had been eyeing up this bed frame since Trevor had told me he wanted a bedroom that was relaxing; he wanted a sanctuary to relax in as he felt he didn’t have a place to do that in our old apartment. With it being one bedroom, everything was everywhere. Our old bedroom was my work space, our laundry room, storage, and our sleeping space. It was difficult to relax, which is one of the reasons we moved.

This bed frame pulls our room together in a way our old sleeping arrangement couldn’t. It also grounds the room and clearly defines the look we had been trying to achieve.

It seems very sturdy and offers a lot of support. We use a foam mattress from IEKA, which is awesome, and sleep comfortably every night. The bed doesn’t wiggle, squeak, or shake.

Originally I’d wanted a black canopy bed, and got this one in grey to save money, knowing I could paint it if I wanted to at a later time. The light grey is much softer than black would be, and isn’t such a stark contrast against our white walls and bedding–we actually really enjoy this color and plan to keep it.

From the floor to the top of out mattress, without a box spring (we don’t have one) is one foot, which is exactly what we wanted. We really like the look of low-profile beds and enjoy being closer to the ground.

If you have any questions about the product, feel free to leave comments below, or on our video!

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