Get Organized: Under the Bathroom Sink

Before Trevor and I left for our fabulous cruise, I made it a mission to get the house relatively cleaned up. I didn’t want anything lying around that the cats could get into, I didn’t want anything left out in the open for the sitter to worry about/to have to deal with; it just makes sense to tidy up as much as possible before going away, for any length of trip.

One of the things that has been on my to-do list was under the bathroom sink. I know what you’re thinking. “How is that helpful to the sitter? Won’t the cats stay out of there anyway?”

If there’s some sort of an emergency I want to make sure the sitter knows were everything is, for themselves and the cats. I want everything to be clearly labeled and easy to get to quickly for peace of mind and ease of access.

Not only is it helpful to have necessities easy to get to in an emergency, it’s polite. Yes, we do pay the cat/house sitter to be here, but I want them to be able to get at things they may have forgotten. I believe that any time you have a guest, even if you’re paying them, necessities should be available.

Also, Lev loves to hang out under the bathroom sink. Much like our linen closet, he sprints in there every time I open the door. So, that’s a thing…

Looking at it now, I don’t think under the sink was that messy, but things do appear difficult to find and get to. Trevor was also asking me where things were daily, even though everything was in that clear tub. A change needed to occur, especially if someone would be staying here for eight nights!

After is much better. I separated things into these shoe storage boxes that I picked up at Target. I don’t think this color is available anymore, but here is a link to something similar.

On they have a twelve-pack (😍), that you can view product information for my clicking here.

I used somewhat broad categories, but found that it worked well for finding a place for everything. Here are the categories I used:

  • “Eyes + Teeth”: keeps all our contacts, solutions, extra floss, extra tooth paste, and extra brush heads
  • “First Aid”: is pretty self-explanatory, but I also have all my hot/cold packs in there.
  • “Hair”: hair dye, hair brushes, hair combs, hair clippers…
  • “Period Management”: I like to be over prepared in case my visitors/the people I’m meeting aren’t.
  • “Spa and Shaving”: face masks, face scrubs, hair masks, body scrubs, razors
  • “Sun + Bug”: bug spray and sun block
  • “Travel”: travel bags and containers, travel-size goodies

Now everything is easily and quickly accessible and I don’t have to worry about wether, or not, the sitter has everything they need to be happy in my home.

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