IKEA ALEX Desk Hinge Installation How-To

We had a couple of commenters on YouTube asking for specifics about how to install the door for the cable management compartment on the ALEX desk from IKEA that we purchased a bit ago.

If you’re interested in watching our speed-build, click here.

I somewhat wrote about it.

Installing the hinge and matching up the two pieces is a bit confusing, which is why I think we had had so many views on that speed-build. We didn’t detail attaching that piece in that video, and were more than happy to explain the process.

BE SURE THE ORIENTATION OF THE HINGE BASE MATCHES OURS! If needed, pause the video at 1:25 to check!–Thanks to ShaneOB on YouTube.

I hope this was helpful to a lot of you and made this step simple to understand. I know IKEA’s instructions aren’t that great; we just got terribly lucky the first time around!

3 thoughts on “IKEA ALEX Desk Hinge Installation How-To”

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I had screwed and unscrewed the attachment several times, upside down and rightside up and my wrists were so sore!!! (Am almost 70 yrs old, female, living alone). I finally got one of them to work after watching your video!! Since the 2nd one (which still wouldn’t work) was in the correct position…gave it one more try today, after re-screwing it as tightly as possible, and Abracadabra!! It worked!
    If it wasn’t for your help, I would have given up all together!!!
    Bless you!!! XOXO

  2. Thank you so much. I’m 40 years old and no husband, had the same experience as Peggy. If it weren’t for your video, I would have also given up. After the video and several persistent more tries it worked. Thanks again.

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