Focus: I read a book in a day and you can too(or do something else awesome)

So this past Friday I read an entire book in a single day. Actually it was the same book that Allyson had read that same day, that we purchased in the afternoon.  Yep, we both read the same book within 6 hours.

Starting small

I will admit It was about 150 pages and also used a larger font on smaller pages. However that isn’t the point that I want to enforce. We both read a book in a single day. This is kind of a big deal for me. Mostly because I can’t recall the last time I finished a book so quickly after starting it and that I had approached it thinking it would take at least a month to complete.

Allyson has started reading very diligently recently and finished two other books in a very short time span (such as within a day or two). So really this isn’t so much a surprise for me to see her tear through a book. However she has always been the book loving type so I really thought it was just somethings she was good at. She probably can read much faster than I can and comprehend the text faster as well. However truthfully none of that matters.

What matters

What does matter is that when I was considering reading the book I started and became rather invested fast. So I said out loud and jokingly that I may want to finish it the same day as well. Her response was that to just go for it. Focus. That this is what she does. Sits down and says I will read this today or within the week and make it happen. I thought for a bit and said to myself sure I can give it a shot.

About 2 hours later I had finished the book. I was astounded. I remembered being in High School and doing book reports and hating having to spend hours reading and taking months to finish something. Even later with other books I enjoyed I would only read pieces at a time spread out over months. So to take the task and go full force with complete focus and determination brought incredible results in an area that I had not expected such success. I was also energized and now am looking forward to my next project where I can approach it similarly and get these impressive results.

So really this story is just a reminder that if you can focus and approach a task, even one where you think it may take much longer to complete than you think you can do it, you could find yourself similar results. So don’t be afraid to dedicate some time for something you want to do and just do it. Focus and give it your all and you may be impressed with yourself and how much you can do. I know I was. So what are you waiting for and what’s really stopping you from completing what you want? I bet you have spent similar unexpected amounts of time binge watching TV or being distracted on the internet. We all have done that. So don’t let time be an excuse. Just focus and knock it out of the park.

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