Arctic Alpine M1 Unboxing and Installation

As part of my home server build, I upgraded the cooler to use the Arctic Alpine M1 (AM1 socket). Today, I unbox it and install it!

Below you can find the surprisingly short video. It’s a rather nice fan without many frills and doesn’t require anything special or unusual for installation.

The installation is very simple:

  1. Remove the old heatsink and fan
  2. Clean the CPU, removing all remaining thermal compound
  3. gain access to the back of the motherboard
  4. Apply the rubber sticker-like grommets
  5. Place the springs onto the screws and place through the motherboard
  6. Hand tighten the CPU cooler to the screws
  7. Use a screwdriver to finish hand tightening gently until the screw no longer moves without increasing the force you are using (be careful not to damage the motherboard!)
  8. Then connect the fan header and your done

One note on my AM1 board (an MSi AM1M) I found that the low RPM CPU fan sometimes failed to start spinning when it would boot. Not sure if it was because the CPU was under 30C or if it is a defect. I tested my motherboard and it seems to do the same thing with any low RPM fan and I solved the issue by swapping its connector to a full power connector and connecting another fan to the CPU header that does spin. This ensures the motherboard doesn’t have issues with a missing CPU fan.

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